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Long Day of Chem and Chem and Chem

January 30, 2009

Yesterday I did a 5 mile treadmill run and showered then started chem. I studied from like 1? 2? to 11 o’clock at night.

We had the 3 hour AP test in the morning and then the 3 hour regents in the afternoon. I’ve been studying really hard, but this was intense. The AP was the hardest test I’ve ever taken, McC designed it so it would be as closely AP-brand of evil as possible.  So, needless to say the regents was a breath of FRESH AIR!

So then was practice and it was annother easy day… Yay for tapering off! haha, actually I love hard days more than anything but a quick hour and a half practice was nice today.  I’m not sure if 2 hours of reps or intervals was what I was in the mood for, I just wanted to take out some stress and RUN

After I drove to Grandma’s with my dad and bro, and met Mommy and we had some chicken noodle soup (yumm) and hung out until like 7:30

So when will the chem stop?? TO MARROW- at midnight I have a huge lab as part of my midterm grade. This is huge- it’s design it yourself and so I’m making cheese. I need to do a write up explaining the coagulation then write the directions for the lab, preform the lab and take pics or a video and then put it all together. I want to finish it out with the cheese variations and wine+fruit pairings. 

Practice is at 3:30 and it should be another med-easy day. I can’t wait to run at UAlbany for league champs!!! I’m soo stoked, I’m running the 4×800 and 3000. We get out 15 minutes early Monday for it and I am so excited for the 2 mile. I’ve worked so much this season so this should be cool. This is a good meet to show my stuff… then sectionals will be even more important! State qualifiers could be in my future if I run really well at sectionals. And a SECTIONAL PATCH! that would be awesome, that would make everything so worth it!

I really-really wanted to go to states in xc, and I’ve had that in the back of my mind for a while. I love indoor so much- its always a good temperature and as always I love things that everyone else hates!

TODAY- I was so stressed and rushed and BLAH so for my “lunch” I threw a million things from the snack cabinet in my bag. haha for snack I had a banana bar then for lunch I had a protein bar, apple and then a little later kashi TLC bar!! I was soo barred out… to marrow I don’t have to go to the school until practice so I have the whole day to chill and do cheese science.

Ironic I’m reallllllly lactose intolerant…or casein intolerant (yet to be determined) No?

SO-I’m finishing watching iron chef America-battle milk- for inspiration, and then its time to hit the hay.  Alton Brown is doing cheese tricks now, how appropriate.

And my late night snack was awesome by the way- toasted English muffin with chocolate peanut butter and fluff- toasted again to caramelize the fluff. Yes-it was so reminiscent of the s’mores of summer! So to marrow I’m definatly having some FRENCH VANILLA coffee when I wake up and then a mexicana omletteeeeee- because I made pico de gallo earlier this week, so that leftover cilantro and salsa and maybe some jalapeno soy cheese will be in my belly! Okay so I’m done- good night!

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