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I’m back, Have new obsessions and work to do!

March 23, 2009

Heyyy I’m going to start posting consistantly- or try- because I have al ot of fun doing it and I like to have a little journal of whats going dowwwn.

This weekend was… Non existant. Friday night I passed out at 9, I was so whiped out. I’m lammme I know. Saturday I had practice and then went home and chilled. It was so so thuroughly beautiful out! Awesome practice- we did 800 time trial and a 1600 time trial and ran 5k cool down, did some drills, and I just had a ball with my goofs! Loveee them. So Sunday, bloody sunday. I want to church and got home at 11:30. Yah, from then. Until. 1:15 am. YES 1:15 AM I worked on HW. Then I got up at 5:00 to finnish up… and I passed out with like 20 questions to go. I had a orthopedic appt at 1010 so my mom took me, and I decided to not go into school.

I have Tibial Posterior Tendonitis… the good news? According to the surgeon I can keep running on it, to my pain threshold. We wnt to albany… Yes I drove -I90- andgo the air cast I need to wear for now on. Except for while I run. Its not great, but its okay.

This friday I have PT at 8:30, then PT again on Monday after prac. and wed. after prac.

I guess I’m takeing an INC on my report card, because today was the last day. THEE LAST DAY of the marking period, and NO I did not get my stuff done, or in, to McC. Booo. So I’m going to finnish up and drive it to his house a little later.

I had blueberry muffin oatmeal this morning, a la Mae! Sooo good. Then for luch was my delicious mexican creation with soy jalepeno cheese, chapotle, adobo, kale, peppers, pico, cillantro, chicken and GUAC! awesomeee! Annnd a yummy apple.

Soooo I can’t believe I’m missing practice today. Wait me? I don’t do that!! what is up with mee!!?? So I’m feeling pretty crappy about it. I might compensate with getting some things accomplished.

Some of my recent-er creationnns. I’m out- I’ll update with chem, track, ankle, and foot news latahh.

BY the Way its LIKE 30 out today. really spring?

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