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Sleepy day, Winning practice, and Kale Asparagus soup

March 24, 2009


My Momma’s blueberry muffin oats I made for her the other day 🙂



Last night I studyed all night so I didn’t have a chance to post back

This was my dinner


I made it by simmering galic and red pepper flakes in some stock, then adding kale and letting it steam,Then I threw in some asparagus and mushroom, cooked for a while, then pureed in the bullet. while that was blending, I sauteed some of the mushrooms and more asparagus and then poured the puree back in. (oh yah and there was fresh parsley in there) season to taste and viola! It would be reallll good with some soymilk in there to make it creamy but all we had was vanilla.

And with that I had some baked plantains…. MY NEW ULTIMATE FAVORATE!Plantains
Anywayyys, today my lack of sleep hit me. LIKE A TRUCK. It was awful, I slept thru french, gym, and math. Chem test… well… Im not sure, we’ll see how I did.
Brekkie was apple chamamile oats- (soymilk, water with one maple and 2 apple chamamile teas, oatbran and rolled oats, with diced Pinata apple some pinapple,cinnimon, and peanut butter.) I experimented with a little almond extract, but I couldn’t taste it that well. no pic of that sucker…
Practice- I ran a 2.5 b4 in like 20:20, 20:30 ish? The wind was WHIPPING! wow it was windy! then I ran it with the team in like 19:00 (18:59), so whatever, an easy 5. Borden’s boot camp was awful because I was soooo tired. I had zero energy. It was okay though- because at the end we had a planks competition (hold a plank) and I WON out of our whole team!! yayyy! So I was stoked.
I’m just chilling out now, enjoying my Clif Maple nut bar- wich is AMAZEING!! Oh how I love Clif Bar!
So I may update after dinner. Ta ta for now
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