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My Rediculas Ankle, and Protein ice cream

March 25, 2009

His name is Charlie and I hate him.

I was fine today allll day with the air cast. La-de-da, whatever, felt good. Well I was like, okay I’ll do 5 miles! Bee righht backkkk, and I laced up and took 4 steps and thought I was going to fall. WHY!? As soon as I remove the cast and put on my sneakers it murders me. Even when I put the cast back on with my sneekers, I was limping like a lammmme dog. or duck. or horse? The point is, I didn’t run (bike for like 30 min) and new I’m down 2 days of miles this week, with my ancle SUCKING. OKAY, END RANT.

Soo I came home and whipped up some protein icecream, we’ll see how it turns out. I made jell-o (haha yah I know) with coffee and soymilk, then today I put like 3/4 cup in the bullet with protein powder, cocoa powder, and half a frozen bannana. I’m letting it freeze right now, so we’ll se how this went! Pic to be posted.

Whatever. I’m out.

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