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A new approach, Turkey burgers, And cookies for all!!

March 27, 2009

Today was Keith’s birthday!!! Woooo! So I brought him some peanut butter cookiess!

Speaking of peanut butter, thats what was smothered on my maple oats this morning. So. So. Good! Lunch was a grilled chicken and veggie stuffed pita and an orange.

I made awesome turkey burgers for dinner!! (93% lean turkey, 1 grated carrot, garlic, paprica, salt, pepper, scallions, some mustard, lots of parsley) then topped them with grilled zuccini baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms and onions and tomatoe! Few! Thats a lot of ingredients. The carrot kept them really moist, and the egg white held them together.

So McC told us some sad news today I prefer not to share. I made him some peanut butter blossoms for tomarrow, wellness day!! Its soo bogus. Haha I’m so glad I have PT for half the day. Lets just hope I miss history!!

I ran today, Charlie feeling okay. I ran in my flats- for the whole workout. And when I got home I ran a quarter mile barefoot. I’ve read a ton ton ton last night about barefoot running. What I’m doing now (ultra supportive arches, super foam shoes) is NOT working. Its time to try a new approach, so I’m going to slowly incoreperate barefoot running, 1/4 mile at a time. I hope it’ll strengthen those evil tendons in my ankles that hate me, my facia, and my acilles. Its unconventional, but I’m not going to go to extremes with it, just incorporate it as part of the training. I DONT KNOW!

Today’s practice was warm up, 6 repeat 600s 1 800… I was sloooooow. So sloooow!!

600- 2:16






800- 3:04

Grr. No excuses, but it was not a speedy feeling day.

Anyway, I’ll try to get some pics up of Bfast and things like such as. 🙂

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