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Chem Olympics, Wack-o Family, and a weekend that won’t last…

March 28, 2009

Heyy. Yesterday I had practice, then came home and cleaned (ish) for a little while then we went to my aunt’s for dinner and to watch my cousin’s wedding on dvd. She’s just getting back from Antigua with her new HUSBAND (!!) Rob, who has been a part of our family for like the last 4 years anyway…haha.

So that was good, I had a Tuna- Avocado- Sundried tomatoe salad (on spinach) for lunch, wich was sooo good then basicly the same thing for dinner… except think grilled zuccini and other leftovre grilled veggies from the burgers the other night.

PT went reallly well. She told me she’s not going to have me stop running… HORaY! But the tendonitis will take a while to heal and may get better only a little at a time. she taped my arch with kiniseo… and oh yah- I have the most flexible feet she’s ever seen. yay? No. She said that’s probably what’s causeing my problems. My shoes have also been hurting it. They’re extremely rigid , so they don’t give the tendons a chance to recover after each strike. Boo. So I need a good new pair of running shoes… and I’m still slowly incorporateing the barefoot into my routine. Yesterday I did annother quarter mile. Hahaha that sound soo funny. I can tell this is going to be good- it definatly works different muscles. Muscles that have been asleep for the past 16 years of my life thanks to my ultra supportive shoes. It really works your achilles, facia, and calves in a completely different way.

So today I had to get up tre early for the chem olimpics. I have to say, I wasn’t prepared and I really didn’t feel confident. The test was pretty hard and I had never heard of some of the things on it… when we got the results back, we found out we took positions 1-5! Andddd… I came in 3rd! Kim beat me by 1.7 points! grr. So anyway, I’m moving onto the next round, I guess the national leval one? So thats good. I hope we don’t have anything going on that weekend, it’s on April 25th I think?

Peanut butter fluff Oats

Peanut butter fluff Oats

National Examination

Exams for the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Competition will be administered April 23-27, 2009. Nearly 1,000 students are expected to participate.

The three-part, 4.5-hour exam consists of the following (may be administered in any order):

Part I Part II Part III
  • Multiple Choice
  • 90-minutes
  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • Covers broad chemistry topics
  • Free Response
  • 105 minutes
  • 8 written questions
  • Multi-step problems requiring in depth knowledge of chemical theories and models
  • Lab Practical
  • 75 minutes
  • 2 laboratory practicals
  • Involves problem solving in the laboratory

Anyways… I have a ton to do this weekend! US history book report, Lectoring tomarrow, 2 chem chapters, finnish the english book, re read Hamlet (wich I HATEEE) and cleaning. And I have some runs I need to get in!

Bfast this morning had fluff!!! It was maple vanilla oats with peanut butter and fluff. Sooo fun and good. The fluff gets all melty and becomes like a frosing. 🙂 It makes me happy.

OHHHH and the Wack-o Family? My parents brother and well yah, everyone that lives in my house, HATE eachother (and me) and everyone is shouting and crying. It’s going to be a greeeeeaat day.

I should give Moriah a call… I havent talked to her in soo long.

Well I have a lot to dooo… I’m out.

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