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Lectoring, Easter News, and Brooks!

March 30, 2009

I started the day out at 8:10 to get to church to lector. I love church! I don’t understand how and why people dislike Catholic mass. Its sooo chill. You can just think, reflect, chill out, ask God for help, thank God for his help, be mad at God for not helping,  Love God for everything you are blessed with. Whatever! And the thing is, I would SO rather chill in my church than breakdance at the non-denom christian churches. Thats just me though… Seriously, theres NO problem with that, I just fit in @ my church, and it makes me feel good everyweek.

So yesterday…hahahaha The RUN. Wellll, I told you about the chembowl- we stopped at Taco Bell on the way home, and thennn I went for a runn… on my hilly road, 5.5, and lets just say Taco Bell (wich I’ve only been to twice in my whole life) and my stomach, and running do NOT mix!! haha ok well I can laugh at myself. But you can’t laugh at me!! So that was in my flats, because I learned today my hyper-stable sauconeys were built for a 360 pound woman. Devide that by 4… goood stuff. I was killing my tendons with kindness!

Bye-Bye Stabil6’s! I went thru 3 pairs of you, and I loved you. But now I dont. Sorry!!

So here are my new babys:



Well we speant forever at fleet feet. I tried a million pairs, and ran around the building and settled on these pups. So this is good. haha 395 miles to go till a new pair!

I had the bestttt brunch after lectoring, it included a turkey burger and lotttts of homefries from the salty potatos anoche. Some wilted spinach and snap peas- ahhh heavan.

And at fleet feet?? White chocolate macadamia cliff barrrrr! I found itt! I was really afraid to try it, because I really dislike things too sweet. Bu this was gooooood. Boy oh boyyy!

(thats not my hand. Or my snow….)

I bought me a new pair of racing shorts… There soo tight! I don’t want to take them off they’re too comfy! Por mi cena- mi padre hace spare ribs (gagggg- tiene mucho groso, just what I needed after the explosive run yesterday) So I had a turkey burger, with barbecue sauce and then rice and my grilled fennel and zuccini salad!

So then after It was like 8:00 and I realized- oh yah, I need to run! So I got my butt on the freeking tredmil and broke in the brooks. And they felt goooood. About 5 miles, 2 songs were at a good pace, the rest at E pace. Went by too fast.

And I finished with a quarter mile barefoot. Building my calves, lengthening my ackilles (sp?)- oh yahhh, correcting my pronation and form. This next week I’m going to try and up it to a half mile, I have Relays on saturday-woo hoo! So after my run, I decided to be a good girl. And I soaked my feet (and ankles and calves) in an ice bath. wow, that was fun. And I enjoyed some hommade Mocha-protein gelato with a peanut butter drizzle. Um? Yumm! So that was all good.



So I’m getting kind’ve harder-core. I think I might move on to lower half ice baths 2 nights b4 meets to get my legs fresh. The guy at the running store recomended a place that makes custom orthodics… So I’m considering it. I want to take my running to the next leval. I’m a believer that nothing NOTHING fancy is going to do that. Not new shoes, or custon orthodics, or even ice baths. I think it just takes mucho trabajo dificil, PUESSS- I am hago el trabajo dificil and anything I can add to that hard work is all just icing on the cake. Maybee that icing could mean 2 seconds? maybe 4? and you know what… Every second counts right now. I want this to be a good season. I’m going to be smart about training and eating and anything that I can do to better myself. I also need to commit to maintaining a goood weight. I really cant afford any time off to gain.

(Its back to the grape nuts!)

So right now I want a 5 minute mile. And I want a 5 on the AP chem exam. And I want 11:00 in the 2 mile and I want sub 20 in my 5-k. I want my license and I want to get back up in class rank. Because right now mine SUCKS!!


Sooo this post was hyper-long… ohh and a disclaimer: Ieat wayyyyy more than the things I post, I just usually fill in the blog about the highlights.

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