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NYC, No Run, and the best peanut butter EVER!

April 11, 2009

Breakfast was this awesome bowl of Loveeeee. Yah, best cereal evahhh!dscn6006

This is the Best Peanut butter ever, its from Saratoga Peanut Company and they are my personal heross!

dscn6015dscn6013Yes, that’s the jar that will be gone in the next 48 hours. hhaha… We did all our easter shopping today, at the route 50 P.C., because I was anti-malta. I have to work tomarrow!

The saratoga one is really like a whole foods. Its quite awesome

I found Sheritaki Angel hair and they had awesome selection of everything (except for bars… no cliff, no luna, no odwalla)

dscn60041Heres a little bit of NY… It was such a beautiful dayyy!


So I felt like CRAP for not getting a run in today. I really felt awful. My dad didn’t let me because this morning when I tried on my Easter dress, he made me step on the scale. It wasn’t good. I thought I was doing good!!! What the HeCk!? I’m so stressed about this. For breakfast I had my delicious cereal bowl- with Slightly sweet newmans vanilla almond cereal, protein powder, peanut butter, soymilk, and strawberries. I snacked on a pear then for lunch had some veggie soup and a couple cookies. Snack was a Kashi bar- can I just say NEVER AGAIN- really. No more. These hurt my stomach sooo bad. I got dinner at PC… Miso spinach soup, Green tea, seaweed salad, and a salmon roll! for a snack I had some of my new pb on toast. Soooo bien.





Yummmmm Sushi on good friday!

So back to the running- wow. I want to improve so bad, But I just felt like I missed a really crucial day today.

I didn’t train yeaterday, I can’t work on easter. Really? It’s like I’m never going to push myself to beat that 5:17. and whats happening? Tori’s beating me. In speed work, in reps…. This is really unlike me.

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