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It’s time to cha-cha-cha chilllll!

May 14, 2009

So I have had a rough. Rough. Road for the past couple months. Seriously.

The tendonitis in my ankle progressed and on the 18th of April, I raced my first and last race of the season. I was so entirely devastated. The tendon on the outside of my ankle swelled up and bruised. It hurt so bad, I thought it was a stress fracture. I couldn’t put any weight on my foot and my mom took me to get an X-ray. No SF so that was good… but the Orthopedist, Physical Therapist, and my coach all told me it was time to let it heal. Well OBVIOUSLY! I can’t walk… how would I run even if I wanted to??

So on crutches, I hobbled into school and had to explain that I was out. For several weeks. Perfect timing for a test at the hospital on my stomach. The prep for that was possible the most miserable night, ever. I was so so bogged down with chemistry and just doing homework constantly. There hasn’t been any relief and I worked so hard toward the AP exam.

Soon after another small tragedy occurred, and I really just had the worst weekend ever. I learned I wouldn’t be back the whole season, and had to break the news to my team.

This was one of our last practices all together… In the pouring rain. I miss them so so much, it hurts. I joined the YMCA and started to swim. I was awful at first but I’m getting better. I’m allowed to Pool run and bike now, so I do every chance I get. Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of chances. The license isn’t coming for another month or so, (hopefully!) but soon I should be able to start consistent rehab.

Until then, I’m getting to the pool as often as possible, biking in our school “weight room” (ha-ha or excuse for one…) and starting strength training.

My AP chemistry was on Tuesday and I have NO IDEA how I did. I could’ve gotten a 2, 3, or 4… ha-ha it would really make this whole year of stress pay off if I got a 5. I really don’t know though. So it doesn’t hit me hard I’m prepping for every scenario:

1: LAUGH, and say wow I was out of it!!

2: man. The class was a good experience; I’ll take it for that. It was hard but I love chemistry and now I’m prepared for a college course

3: Well, I know stuff, but I have a way to go. This is a positive thing, it looks good for me, and I have an awesome base to build on my freshmen year in college

4: Yayy! I did it… It paid off pretty well!

5: I’m not going to even think about this.

I find out my grades the 3rd week of July. So I’m trying to put it out of my head until then. I’m going to take the chem. regents in a month and work for a 100 on that 😛 ha-ha I have another 3 chances to get my 100!

Wednesday was Uni-History final, which went well, thanks to Uncle Ray-ray!!! I’ll find out my grades for that in a week or two.

Today is a day off!! I went in and Jenna wasn’t there… so I was like “screw it! I’m going home!” haha I called her when I got home and found out everyone was going to a YMCA achievement breakfast and they would be in later. Oh well, I’m treating myself! Tomorrow is class day, and I haven’t decided if I’m going in yet.

So a lot of the pressure is off and I’m ready for summertime now.



Sooo its all coming to a conclusion soon!

What do I need to do now? I need to commit myself to cross training and strength training. Its hard for me to do this, because

  1. I cant get into a routine with the Y (lack of transportation) I like a routine for my workouts, I feel so much more structured and I get much more out of it.
  2. I don’t like it as much as running. Actually, nowhere close to that! Haha, especial the bike- but POSITIVE attitude

I need to focus on getting these regents over with and doing well on finals. This marking period could bring up my overall average, so there is a reason to work

I get leisure time now! To cook, read, and write. I am an awful writer, if nobody has noticed, and my college essays are coming up. I hope that maybe writing a lot, (haha in a blog!) will help me improve those skills.

I can’t wait to spend some time with friends, especially Moriah, who I haven’t seen in forever! And we’re like blood related!! (not really… but we can pretend :-P)

SO that was an update of where I’m at and why I’m here.

In other news, I’ve done some fun cooking and food making lately!!

-I ordered PB2 and it is awesomeee! I’ve been using it in everything! Without further adieu, I present you my delicious eats!

Breakfast of the Gods! Recees strawberry quinoa breakfast custard

Holey crap- quinoa pilaf with wilted baby spinach, capers sundried tomatoes herbs and garlic, with grilled Tuscan salmon. Absolutely delicious.

Refreshing balsamic strawberry chicken salad, with farfalle and baby spinach. It had layers and layers of strawberries in the dressing, reduction, marinade, glaze and salad.

Hedge-hog sweet potaters!!

So So much fun- protein oey goey breakfast cookies (dried cherries, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, orange zest, zucchini, and vanilla.)

Cinamon Plantain Breadthe dough, so beautifulpeanut butter chocolate oatbrancrust-less quiche, plantain bread toast

I love to cook so much! I can’t wait to share some more recipes and actually have time to breath!

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