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Pasta for dinner, Diagnosis, and Deciding on school tomorrow

May 15, 2009

Will I go to school?

I don’t know! Nobody knows! We’ll just have to wait and seeee! 😛

I went to physical therapy at 2:30 and he gave me tingly therapy and some additional exercises. I got my runner’s world in the mail, and then we jetted to Troy for the stomach doctor…

And after all the hard tests and experiments: Shocker- I have IBS… Dr. Kumar’s solution? Stop stressing out and you’ll be fine. Ohh, thanks doc! I’ll do that!

Whatttt ever! Anyway, so we had pasta for dinner with Barilla roasted garlic sauce. I NEVER eat jarred sauce. That is so not me, but my mother was very hungry and wanted food ASAP so Barilla it was. It was actually decent, with my ½ pound of cracked black pepper. Spice. Yummm!

Sweet! Except this isn’t the issue, its just an example.

I made some Peanut butter chocolate chippers, so Pics are to come!

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