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“Class” day, Water for a couple minutes, and a night out with my Sis!!

May 16, 2009

Hey all! I started the day with oat bran goodness- this was 1/3 c. oat bran, toasted, 1/3 cup apple sauce, 2/3 cup water, 2 egg whites, and a TBSP peanut butter.

Oops! My pics from breakfast and lunch got deleted!! Anyway- Lunch was Quinoa with spicy leftover tomato sauce, tossed with wilted spinach and hummus salmon.

I had my first ensure today and I felt so. Soo. Sick. Wow I don’t want to drink those. I hope I can find a new diet supplement because I was not doing very well

I ended up going into school- and just as I suspected, nobody was there and it was wayyy too long. Haha and we got out at 11:15! But I did have fun for a couple seconds. Dearest Jenna and I sang Karaoke- Jessica Simpson. Oh yah! And we watched people launch themselves at a Velcro wall on a bouncy bounce.


Only THEE classiest outfits for our class day! ;-P

So after leaving school, I had a nice lunch, nap in the sun, then driving lesson. Oh gosh, I need more of those! My dad promised to get me to the Y for 6 and it ended up being 6:40 before I got there!! I only had 20 minutes to pool run so the workout was kind’ve a teaser… I wanted more more more! And I was pissed in the shower that I had to leave so soon! (hahaha- NO I didn’t PISS in the shower… I’m way daintier than that!!)

Well the reason I had to book it out of the Y was because I was meeting My SITER from another MISTER for a movie then dinner!!! Mo and I went to go see 100 Girlfriends From My Christmas Past.or some nonsence like that haha… It was cute, kind’ve sappy, kind’ve dirty. I felt very proud of myself for corrupting my sheltered sister’s mind with sexual content. That is of course, quite sarcastic.

We went out to dinner and Moriah couldn’t believe that I ordered this:

Oh yes. That IS baby octopus! Hahaha- I’m so adventurous. The meal started with some miso soup.

Moriah with her much more “normal” dinner! Haha :-P!

The night ended with some Double D’s…. We did in fact see Obama there. ;-D

Tomorrow is PT at 10, and hopefully a good long pool workout at the Y. I really want to get some chia seeds and try some new recipies! I’m so stoked.

Ta Ta foor now!!

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