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High Hopes in History, Long Bike Ride, and a weekend with friends!

May 19, 2009

Okay- good news and bad news. Chia seeds are awesome… I’m working on the ultimate breakfast with them right now. Not yet perfected… But goat’s milk yogurt was a no go. Within an hour I was cramby, bloated, miserable, and nauseous. I really wanted that to be a success. Oh well.

More food notes- Clifton park P-C on Sunday, I stocked up with a million soy yogurts, (1 large silk plain and a million 6oz o’soy vanillas), 2 different tofu creations: vanilla and chocolate, Newman’s Sweet enough flax flakes, a new kind of tortilla (I’ll update with the name) and lots of produce. Everything was great, and guess what I saw!? White chocolate wonderful PB!! So as soon as I’m through with my monkey boy, it’s on to white chocolate I go!!

Saturday Emily called me, she’s home from Uni! So we went out midnight bowling with a bunch of guys and had a BLAST! I got in at 2:30! It’s been so long since I’ve had a genuinely good time like a regular kid, yay for that! My cam was temporarily broken so no pics from Saturday.

I did piece together several successful meals- Saturday’s dinner was an A+, I even had the leftovers for breakfast Sunday… At 11:30. Oopsie! That’s the first time I’ve slept past 8 in forever, so yay for me! Sunday’s dinner was Stuffed pork tenderloin. I butterflyed the tenderloin length wise then filled it with mustard, tomatoes paste, herbs, spices, and seasonings, some asparagus, then wrapped it back up, seasoned the outside and grilled it. It was served with additional charred asparagus, some grilled portabellas and spicy ricey.

Zucchini- not so photogenic.

Look at that ring of pink flavor! 😀

So breakie today was PB pudding with yummy Ezekiel grape nuts, and chia seeds. Lunch was a hippie wrap- aka hummus, tofu, and condiments on a flaxy oat wrap. A zbar, my fav!, and an orange.

I went to the weight room post school and did 66 minutes on the stationary bike, 16.2 miles… yay me. I did strength intervals and then an easier ride for the last 30 ish minute. Overall it was a great workout, but the bus ride home… was brutal. I took the elementary bus. Ahhh. I NEED MY LICENCE!! Post workout eats was a PB&JayRobb sandwich, Yummm!

So After school I practiced driving, which I really suck at. I really am not very good, at all. I actually hate it. I practice really frequently and I still suck. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. I really hope I pass my road test. I just want to get the school, the Y, the green grocer, Price chopper, and the State park. That’s it!

Dejeuner was delicious garlic spinach chicken sausages on mastriani rolls with grilled mushrooms, onion, and honey mustard. Mis Padres had it with provolone cheese, also. I had 1 and a half sandwiches, then 2 date bombs, and a bowl of cereal with fruit and yogurt for desert. More product reviews:

Vanilla Hemp milk is a huge success!! I loveee!

So- HISTORY! I was hugely worried about it. Turns out on the final, I got a 97 the highest grade in the class. I was the only a+, the rest were all A- or lower. So yay! I got an A+ on my first college class! Ha-ha- She said on the first day of school I wasn’t capable of an A. I have to say- this whole year UNCLE RAYMOND was my SAVIOR in that class. I couldn’t have done it without him. I called him and he was so so so happy!! I feel good. Oh exept for my English. That’s due tomorrow and I am so behind on it. Well I’m off to bed.


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