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Soggy springtime, A Complete Research paper, and a Hard but Positive week

May 30, 2009

Notice how I capitalize the most random words in my titles? I like it that way!!

The blur adds to the message of the photo. Ha-ha, this is how I feel leaving my driveway at 7 am, while my eyes are still all sleepy and the morning is foggy. It’s springtime, can you tell!?

So this week has been long, short, rainy, and cold. Long- because a lot happened! Short- because we had Monday off, I took Wednesday off. Rainy and Cold- well take a gander at a map and you’ll realize why this is! Lots o f yummy food and fun to catch up on…


Step 1: Buy mixed nuts on sale. Yummy!! Brazil nuts, filberts, cashews, pecans, and almonds

Throw it in Stanley (My food Pro’s name!)

EAT!! I actually added some maple syrup (a tbsp of so) just to be exciting. This mixed nut butter is so good. I have more nut butter plans soon… they include this:

Ha-ha! The plan: Buy almonds… Let Stanley work his magic, plop onto oatmeal… OR

A Luscious PB&JROBB sandwich!

Dear me- these have become a new favorite post workout snack. They are so completely delicious!

Steps: Toast bread on both sides. Arnold whole wheat is good, flax and fiber is good (those are my regulars…)

-Mix 2 tbsp chocolate Jay Robb egg white protein with a tbsp of Silken creations chocolate… or chocolate pudding of choice. I also add a little soygurt to further thin it out

-Spread a tbsp of peanut butter on one slice… Or homemade nut butter. When I go with peanut butter you know its SB AS CPB! (Smart Balance, Agave Sweetened, Crunchy Peanut Butter!)

-Slather the other slice with the decadent chocolate spread you created.

Sandwich the slices together and enjoy as the chocolaty divinity oozes onto your hands and you lick your fingers, savoring each bite!

Holey Yum.

Anyway, my divine eats this week stated with the brownies- I converted into kahluah Brownie frozen yogurt.

12 oz of vanilla soygurt, 1 shot of kahluah, a couple “Oreos” crushed up, and some instant coffee.

This was good, but was full of huge ice crystals due to my lack of an ice-cream maker

Please note: I have begged for an ice-cream maker every summer for the past 2 years and it has become quite the joke. As I sit here with my grainy frozen yogurt.

So due to my lack of satisification (this is vocabulary 101, please pay attention), I threw it in Stanley and lit him have a rip at it.

Enter: Kahluah Brownie Incognito Fro-Yo


Muah ha-ha… I am an evil genius of Food Science!! So Due to the overwhelming success (and creaminess!) of this fro yo, I plan on making it allsummerlong in 7000 different flavors. Please and thank you!

Summertime is coming. Slowly but surely!

Anyway… I had some delicious breakfasts

Oat bran made with egg white and vanilla tea, berries and homemade nut butter. I tried this again on Thursday with little success… My berries cooked and were nasty, we were out of eggs and I was a sad girl.

Waffles (Kashi) with berries and a peanut butter, pumpkin, vanilla pudding and soygurt dipping bowl… (Cinnamon too!)

Only the best china for gourmet sandwiches!

In the works

There were many tasty Triscut snacks of Alive 40 spice hummus

Salad which soon contained juicy amazing grilled chicken… Bone in Skinless with Montreal seasoning. The seasoning was a la price chopper’s new service and the bone in butcherly work was a la mister nice butcher guy!

Soo for more randomness:

Boar’s head turkey reviews- Flavors tried

French country natural- my favorite. So So flavorful and amazing

Tuscan Natural- Flavorful, awesome

Salsito- really good

Cajun- Yummy, didn’t taste very Cajun


Workouts: Tuesday was a 60 min ride with intervals, ditto for Friday… (I love this workout!!) Thursday was a 30 min bike because my research paper was calling me…

“Meagan! I’m due tomorrow!” So I actually got it done! On time! I know it’s shocking, but true.

And for more random updates- I may need less quality time with the bike because Wednesday was a trip to pick up THESE!!!

Custom Orthotics, baby!! I’m so excited, they feel amazing and I think I may be able to begin the return-to-run program soon. Per PT’s orders… I see him again tomorrow!

And so new shoes were necessary for the fancy inserts to fit in… Meet $50 so not worth it chill out shoes. They were $50… I don’t spent that kind of money on something not for running! But I did, because I can’t kill my Brooks using them as regular shoes everyday… and plus for the past couple days I’ve been a total running sneaker- jean-wearing dork!

It’s bed time, and I’ll leave you with this!

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