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Driving, Baking, and MORE BAKING!

June 3, 2009

Banana Bread oat bran- I love you!

Well, Monday night went well. I biked an hour and lifted a little, then did abs and then devoured the house, because I was starving!!

Pb & Jayrobb was the first thing into my tummy, followed by cereal and tastes of the new chocolate chip brandy fro-yo… oh darn it! I forgot to take a picture!!

Anyway dinner was ratatouille with grilled chicken

And baby spinach because it’s divine!

Today started with a big bowl of blended brownie… 1/3 cup oat bran cooked with one cup water, 1 tbsp chia, packet truvia, tbsp cocoa, 1 scoop jay Robb chocolate, and ¼ cup chocolate pudding. Whattt! It was good!! Actually, I used 2 tbsp pb2 and 2 tbsp jayrobb, and it would have been so much better without the Pb and all jayrobb. I micro waved it 2.5 minutes in the morning and it turned out very gooey- brownie-like, but it needs some work. We shall see…

Oh yah! Monday night! Ryan’s birthday was today so I decided good deed numero dos was going to be banana bread for Ryan.

Timer: 30 minutes. Turn. 30 more minutes. 2 hours later realize the timer still says this:

Fail!! They didn’t burn. Nope, just dried out like heck and were below my expectations. Especially for a gift!

So today I just did 35 minutes on the bike (so sore from weighted lunges yesterday! Yikes!!) and then came home and practiced driving with my Dad. On my return from driving, I began the baking extravaganza.

I needed to redeem myself!!



Okay. Chocolate chip banana bread, Gluten free brownies, Chocolate chip cookies, and Peanut butter cookies.

I feel good now! J

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