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Summer Day one, PT sadness, and Taka maki!

June 21, 2009

I’m off to PT in a few minutes.

It’s the first technical day of summer!

This is obviously my favorite time of year. I love. LOVE. LOVEEE summertime. The sun, relaxation, heat, and attitude make me so happy all the time.

So today was good, it started with egg white oat-bran in the peanut butter jar. Heather at HEAB is obviously a genius. Banana, Strawberries, and a piece of dark chocolate to make a complete breakfast!

Then I got called into work. I worked our promotion greeting table and was as chipper as possible for 5 hours of wet shoppers coming in from the rain.

Lunch was a Taka-Maki roll from the sushi bar (smoked salmon, shrimp, and cucumber… one of my favorites!) Then I had a chocolate almond Clif when I got off. We had a family party after that, so I just had bites of this and that. I wasn’t hungry, and there wasn’t much I was craving there…

PT this morning was a little depressing. I need another MRI… and Matt said the solution for tendonitis that won’t go away is an immobilizing boot for a month+. What!? L I was much bummed when he said this; I have another appointment Wednesday… at this point I’m not even angry if I have to start the return to run program over, I just don’t want to be immobilized this summer.

Oh have I told you? The tendonitis isn’t getting better. It was and then I was limping, since last Saturday. Yup, a week of not-so-good. But it could be worse, I’m just slightly freaking… I like things going according to plan, and I don’t like setbacks. I just need to KEEP HOPE for senior XC.


So tomorrow I’m lecturing, cleaning, and possible the Y depending on what time daddy gets back for his father’s day “party”… I guess I’m giving him a grill cover?? Haha! Ok well goodnight… I’m pooped.


Ooh and last night I went out for sushi with my mom (I’m going to dehydrate and shrivel from all this sodium!!) and got the Spicy crab and octopus salad, over seaweed salad and crunchy lettuce and shredded carrots. And a yellowtail scallion roll…The salad was so good, I’m defiantly going to try to recreate that. I may attempt she crab soup for my dad tomorrow, and leftover crab= my salad!! Seaweed salad (my fav!!) is way expensive at price chopper, but if you marinate thinly sliced zucchini in soy sauce, red pepper flakes, rice wine vinegar, and a little sesame oil, toss in some sesame seeds, it’s pretty darn close.


SUMMER GOALS (as of right now, will be updated.)

  • Read more
  • Start Strength training
  • Don’t waste the days
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