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Mondays, and Rain fronts

June 22, 2009

Happy Monday!!

My oat bran was comforting this morning… in a new bowl. Thank you dollar store!! J

It contained- 1/3 cup oat bran, a huge stalk of rhubarb

-Cook the rhubarb first then add the oat bran, cook until bubbly and thick (in about a cup of water)

-Then 1/3 cup pumpkin and cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

-In a small dish I mixed 2 tbsp vanilla Jay Robb and a little vanilla soymilk to form a “frosting” for the top…

– A Tbsp of my vanilla almond butter, and some crushed gingersnaps.

The tea of the day was almond cookie, I bought it in Charleston at the tea and spice exchange… I highly recommend this place, the store was awesome. The almond cookie has real almond slices in it, and is infused with such a delicious flavor. It defiantly needs no sugar or cream… But I bet if you did ice it, it would make a delicious iced latte.


  • Clean up the kitchen, vacuum my room
  • Do PT exercises and stretches
  • Take Money for a shorter walk… The PT said that I can still walk her, just not hour long walks like we were doing.
  • Probably some ice and more stretches.
  • Cross Country summer strength program, day 1.

There’s a running club meeting at 7, but I wanted to go to the Y tonight. I’m not sure if the meeting will just depress me… Eh, we’ll see.

There’s also a rain front right now that’s lasted forever. It’s supposed to be a high of like, 50 today. Haha, not that bad but pretty close, hense the comforting oat bran. Ta ta for now!

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