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Crabby Wrap, Y, and An Evening in the woods

June 23, 2009

Lunch was yummy…

My crabby crunch wrap!!

It’s hard to see, but I love this concoction. I used a rye la Tortilla factory wrap, then slather the inside (while it’s in a skillet) with hummus, tomato paste, hot sauce, mustard, and pumpkin. This makes it oozy- gooey and creamy. Then I added about 1/3 cup crabmeat from the raviolis yesterday. That literally has .5 minutes until its bad after you open it, so we’ll probably (unfortunately) have to waste the last 2 oz. Then I throw on a HUGE handful of baby spinach and wrap it up. I throw it back in the skillet and let it grill on each side, the spinach wilts down a ton while its cooking. Because a lot of water comes out, eat this one half at a time. What I mean is leave one half in the hot pan while you’re eating, then go and retrieve it. They lose their crunch and get soggy if you don’t. On the side was a large mango!! Yummmy!!

So I got my room and spare room cleaned and vacuumed, I walked my baby, and did PT exercises. I’m waiting for lunch to digest to go do my XCS routine…


I started shoulders and my dad came home and offered to take me to the Y if we left RIGHT NOW. So I did! J we got in a fight on the way there, that was fun. It wasn’t really a fight, I just suck at driving, ha-ha. Anyway I pool-ran an hour with 5 min w.u, and 50m repeats. (50 meters of pool running takes like 2 minutes!), with 25 m. recovery.

I came home, choked down a Clif bar. Because of my parent’s schedules and my lack of license, I never know when my next opportunity to get a cardio workout, so I want to make sure I was getting full benefits.

I practiced driving for an hour or so… backing out of my wooded windy driveway. L

Let’s just say I spent some time in the woods.

I snacked on a couple Triscuits with hummus while making dinner… grilled chicken, crab and corn salad and sweet potato fries. It was just ehh… I didn’t really enjoy it at all. I’m NOT huge on meat lately, especially chicken.

Tomorrow I’m meeting the kids I’m going to start babysitting for… I’m so excited!

And one last thing…

SIR! Have you heard about Price Chopper’s new gas promotion?… No Wait! JUST LISTEN! You don’t have to do A N Y T H I N G!! PLEASE!! LISTEN TO ME!!! Haha good times! J

Here’s me! Teehee!

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