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June 24, 2009

I walked Money just enough to tire her out, then spent my morning doing this…

And had a little ut oh… somewhere in between this:

And this:

I freaked a little and then calmed down. I can pay for it, it’s not huge…deep breaths.

I was way hot and hungry by 1:45…Lunch was a huge salad with Turkey (boar’s head), spinach, hummus, tomato paste, a fresh tomato, a portabella mushroom, cucumber, porcini peppers, jicama slaw, spices/hot sauce, and jicama slaw. And of course, lots of water.

I finished about 90% but then was craving chocolate so I had a z-bar (these are the BOMB!!) and a few strawberries.

I’m going back out to practice… Wish Elu luck!!

I practiced the rest of the day, then came in for this

Soygurt, 2 tbsp pb2, ¼ cup ezicial grape nuts, strawberries and blackberries…And a breakfast cookie…

Din was a sprouted grain bun with hummus, hot sauce, mustard, spinach, and turkey. On the side was jicama slaw and then sweet bite was date bomb with almond butter.

I’m going to have some icecream

Peanut butter brownie ice cream with chocolate fudge. YUM… Goodnight!

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  1. redeemedbyblood permalink
    August 5, 2009 3:16 am

    man your breakfast cookies look so good! how bout you just ship me one? lol cuz i made some w/ the recipe you emailed me and they suck!

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