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First day working!!

June 25, 2009

Last night I could NOT sleep. I was thinking about everything: work, money, cars, scholarships, college… I defiantly have some things I need to get on top of, and I’m scared shocked that I am growing up. I’m a big girl who’s going possible 1000 miles away in 13 months, and as exciting as that is, I’m not afraid… just intimidated.

Breakfast was French toast oat bran (oat bran with egg whites whisked in until creamy), topped with coconut banana gelato and PB…

Yes, oats a la mode! And a fresh orange. Oh how I love you, produce!!

Tea of the day was a decaf green, light and deligtful… Imunched on apple slices with PB with the kids while I babysat this morning. We were on a picnic!!

I came home to yummy summer salad with leftover chicken-rice-veggie stir fry, tomatoes, cukes, spinach, jicama slaw, hot sauce, bbq sauce. Perfect.

Me in my mango-slirping glory

Lunch was followed up with a huge mango, which I loved and embraced with all my heart and soal. Cold, ripe, fresh, slirpy mango is the most perfect, refreshing thing that has ever graced God’s green earth. I love you mango, I shall name my children after you. And a freeking addicting Z-brownie-bar!! So good as it melted in the 90 degree sun today!

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