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A Long day and summer fun

June 27, 2009

So, the clicker on my laptop is possessed and thoroughly annoying. Really! I’ve had this problem for EVER and I don’t know how to fix it!

Last night I went over to Moriah’s for a movie… New In Town… It was funny and cute, but mostly I like just hanging out with my Mo!! Before that I had some dessert:

Very blurry… the cream is a tofu crème pureed with nutritional yeast, stevia, vanilla, lemon juice and zest. It’s reminiscent of cheesecake and quite yummy!

At Moriah’s I tried my first ever Kombuka!

My second mother makes her own… How chill is that!!?? Look at that mushroom- So cool! It smells like vinegar and tastes a little like alcohol… But I think I like it. Guess what? She offered me her baby! Haha Kombuka mushrooms have “babies” and that’s what starts a new batch. I may take her up on that offer, that would be very very neat!

Breakfast was a PB&Jay, except for my PB I used homemade mixed nut butter, and for my Jay I mixed 2 tbsp vanilla protein with 1 tbsp pumpkin, cinnamon, and a little less than a tbsp of tofu crème. On the side were some fresh summer melon and pineapple and a big bottle of fresh summer water.

Don’t be fooled, this water would be great if it wasn’t for the cucumbers. Bad idea, I saw it at spas and it really wasn’t good. Maybe that was because I froze it in though; I’m not sure how different it would have been without freezing first.

I had to get an MRI on Charlie, then went to the Y and elliptical for 45 minutes. I’m sick of not having enough time to get a whole workout in! I actually got booted out of the pool because of the lightning, even though it’s an indoor pool!!!

I had a Maple Nut Clif bar after my shower at my Aunt’s house and then helped her get ready for my cousin’s birthday parties! (Family and friends)… We made Mac and cheese, black bean corn salsa (so good!), I cut up tons of fruit, made chicken wing dip…there was much more, but I can’t even remember.


Birthday girl with her “Mock-tail” I mixed up for her… Haha there was defiantly NO ALCOHOL in this 12-year-old’s beverage!!

I had a late lunch of some salad with white wine poached chicken, trader Joe’s salsa, hot sauce, and black bean corn salsa. So good! I also had a Kashi soft baked bar… and munched on some “party foods” and fruit.

I booked it out of there right before the family portion of the party and met my friend Steph and her cousin to go to the drive-ins… so much fun!!

Aww, we’re so cute!!

It started to rain, but then a rainbow came out so all was good!

We met a friend at the bathroom and he is my new BEST hahaha! This kid was so cute, we wanted to take a pic with him, but we had to wait for his sister so she could see him posing with “chicks”!

We found a mini-frog. You probably can’t see him, but he was there!! And we released him in the woods.

W saw Year One, which was kind’ve shockingly inappropriate and umm… awkward… but funny at the same time. It was a good time anyway.

And James got deep-fried Oreos!!! I tried one… Haha they’re interesting. My dinner was munchies, a Clif bar and an orange. Yes, my diet was phenomenal today. I think I’m going to break the record of most bars eaten in a day. The thing with Clif is they’re perfect in a pinch, instead of a pretzel or something unnatural or completely bad for you. Still, they’re way processed and loaded with tons of sugar. I need to wean myself off of these puppies, ASAP!

Overall ’twas a fun day tomorrow is my cuzzie’s graduation party… Graduation is @ 3 so we’ll see if I end up there.


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