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Getting Behind, and Getting Ahead

June 30, 2009

My past couple days have been nothing but work, work work!! I did the fuel table at Price Chopper all day Sunday (9-5:30) and Noon to 7 on Monday… I’ve also been babysitting and haven’t really had much time to chill out. That’s okay with me… I’m getting ahead in gas payments (I learned I need to cover the gas for my baby). 13 MPG!!! Woo!! It was on E after the weekend so I thought my first fill up would be today.

Saturday’s Breakfast was delicious…

I had a cereal mix up with Newman’s honey flax flakes with bananas, blackberries, strawberries, soygurt and PB2… with a cup of coffee. I have coffee about once a week now, I like it on Saturdays to sip with my parents… Coffee upsets my acid reflux if I overdo it, but other than that I don’t see a problem with having it on occasion.

I made marinated broiled tofu and it was sooo good! I froze it first then thawed it, marinated it in soy sauce, hot sauce, herbs, and mustard.


Huge salad followed for lunch and then on the theme of my hungry mungry day I had an apple and a million triscut chocolate cheesecake bites:

Those things are addicting!!! Times that pic by 10,000!

I had a graduation party that night (until 1:45!) and there I made a turkey salad with the mixed salad, a turkey cold cut and the tomato salad as dressing… Later I hijacked a banana and some peanut butter from my cousin’s kitchen because I was hungry and there were only chips left.

Sunday I was called into work, so I had a peanut butter Clif builder’s bar on the way there… I know enough bars already!! I’m out of Clifs… I have one Odwalla, one Greens+ and one Lara left, and then I’m taking a nice stay-cation from bars. At work, I had salad bar for lunch with spinach, veggies, tomato salad, chick peas, sunny seeds, and beets! It was yummy with a drizzle of balsamic… I was pooped after work and came home to make my parents dinner. UGG!

Pork Tenderloin and veggie grilled kabobs with salty potatoes. By the way I hate those plates, they’re way too big!! Unless it’s for a salad, then they’re a good sizeJ. I had one more potato and one less piece of pork. I’m so so not big into meat lately! I collapsed into bed with the rest of my peanut butter brownie ice-cream.

Monday I did strength workout early then started the day with a power smoothie… I cooked 1/3 cup of oats in 1 cup of water and then blended them. I mixed it with 1/3 cup pumpkin and froze it into foil lined ice cube tray. In the morning I took the cubes out 30 minutes before blending, then blended the oat cubes with ½ cup soymilk, lots of fresh strawberries, a scoop of vanilla jayrobb and a tbsp of almond butter. You’ll be seeing more of this power smoothie… It’s the ultimate in creamy, portable, and delicious.

I baby-sat until noon… We blew bubbles!! They’re so so cute!… Then I booked it to Price Chopper because I got called in, and worked until 7. I only got 15 minutes for a break- which turned into 10 minutes because I had to run to the truck to grab some money. I pounded a smoked salmon sushi roll, which was very delicious… but rushed. At 7 I engulfed an apple I had in the truck for “emergencies” and then came home to a huge salad…

This salad contained: everything from the refrigerator!

I had a peanut Chocó-chip Clif for desert and finished of the stash of Clif bars.

Today I had blueberries and cream oatmeal

The French-Toast oats had blueberries mixed in at three different stages, so there were completely burst ones, melty ones, and slightly warm ones. This was awesome! The tea of the day was peppermint herb.

I picked up the brother from golf then hit the Y…

The Workout:

I went upstairs and elliptical-ed for 30 minutes, with the focus are being glutes

  • 3 sets 30 weighted lunges
  • 3 sets 50 (one was 25 and 25 each leg) or weighted calf raises
  • 2 sets 20, 1 set 30 leg press
  • 25 minute abs routine

Then I went downstairs to change into my bathing suit and pool run…

  • 60 minute pool run with 5 minute w.u, 5 minute intervals with 3 minute recovery until minute 58, then 2 minute c.d


Then I showered and retrieved this from the glove department of my truck:

Nope… that’s not an ensure. It’s hiding what I really recovered with:

Haha… a chocolate arugula recovery smoothie… I blended arugula with ¾ cup soymilk, 2 tbsp protein powder (jayrobb eggwhite chocolate) and some cocoa powder and na-soya chocolate pudding (about 1 tbsp). I froze it overnight and it thawed while I worked out to yield a surprisingly delicious, creamy smoothie… It smelled not so hot… of course because of the arugula… but it tasted pretty phenom!

I was home by 4:00 and had a yummy gigundo salad… This is all I want lately!!!

The broiled salty potatoes made this! Ohh, and the amazing salsa I purchased the other day… that would be roasted garlic artichoke salsa by cedar’s. It is so SO good!!

It also had grilled veggies, tofu, tomato, jicama slaw, cukes, lemon juice, a hot pepper, and lots of love!

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