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Cravings a-plenty, Crazy Monsoon,

July 1, 2009

Last night I decided to bake, and while I was I got hungry for a snack… I really wanted a z-bar. It would have satisfied my chocolate craving and held me over to dinner when my dad got home. I talked myself out of it because “Z-bars have a million ingredients, they’re just a glorified cookie/brownie. They may be delicious but they’re far from nature…” So I had a parfait, which I thought would fill me up…

There are more blueberries and soy-gurt than chocolate, I promise!! This did fill me up, but I wasn’t satisfied. I proceeded to eat an orange, then a serving of triscuts. When my dad called to say he wouldn’t be home and to eat dinner without him, I made another parfait with the other ½ of the yogurt, another ½ cup cereal, but this time pumpkin and pineapple.

It was way delicious, but once again, not what I was craving. I was actually quite full before this. You could say I was “stuffed”… But then my lack of will-power stroked again when I took the breakfast cookies out of the oven…

And I had a huge cookie. By this point, I seriously had CRAMPS I was so full. Think Thanksgiving full.

Lessons Learned:

  • Eat what you want, and then get over it!
  • Chew gum while baking, and don’t deprive yourself or let yourself go crazy
  • When you know you’re full, but you’re not satisfied, get your BUTT out of the KITCHEN!
  • Occupy yourself with something else… There was nothing to do last night but bake, so I defiantly boredom overate

Now, I know I could use the extra calories. It’s really no big deal for me, but my stomach doesn’t fare well with too much food… and there was no reason for this other than boredom and annoyance at my father. I’m usually not an emotional eater, so this was weird and confusing. Next time, I’m not going to put myself through those stomach cramps and that nauseated feeling! We live and we learn!

Happy Wednesday! Today has been quite crazy so far…

His: Brown rice, black beans, Northern Italian vinaigrette (that’s not all vinaigrette, the rice hadn’t yet soaked up all the stock from cooking), a diced tomato and some parmesan. On the side, fresh cantaloupe, pineapple, and blueberries.

Hers: The same rice salad with black beans and tomatoes, on the side cottage cheese.

Breakfast was on the go… I woke up at 9:35 for PT @ 10:00! It takes 20 minutes to get there, especially with construction on the road, so I SPRINTED out of the house… I had a gooey, messy, delicious PB&Jayrobb… I was considering grabbing a bar and calling it a day, but I need the extra calories, and it’s time to start eating real foods! Unfortunately, these sandwiches are not good for inexperienced drivers. Lesson learned, and I seriously will never do that again… it was actually quite reckless and unsafe. Smoothies or compact things are going to be the only while-driving foods.

At physical therapy, Matt told me he had gotten the results of my MRI. The news? My ankle hasn’t improved since January/ February. Yup, 5 or 6 months of Physical Therapy, a rest from running, icing, and exercises have gotten me nowhere. SWEET! L He tried a new shock-ey sticker therapy thing… It’s an anti anti-flamatory that is applied with a sticker then pushed into the area with electricity. It feels like little pins going into your ankle for 20 minutes… Haha no big though, maybe it will actually do something!!

The Workout

I headed to the Y after and started upstairs

  • 25 minute abs
  • Leg press (3 sets 20)
  • Calf press (3 sets 30)
  • Weighted lunges (3 sets 30)
  • Weighted calf raises (3 sets 50)
  • Stretching

I went downstairs for a 60 minute pool run:

5 minute w.u, then 50 meter repeats with 25 meter recovery. Each 75 meter set takes about 5 minutes… Today’s workout was hard! I was defiantly breathing heavy… The thing with pool running is it’s as hard as you make it. You can pool run 2 hours and not get the same workout you would running, or you can pool run 30 minutes and be spent. It really depends on how hard you’re working so it requires a lot of discipline.

I refueled with a pumpkin shake (1/3 cup pumpkin, 2 tbsp vanilla protein, a little under a cup of soymilk) frozen, and then thawed in my truck during my work out!

The evidence…

I headed over to the library where I picked up these treasures:

4 new cookbooks to occupy my brain on the way to Maryland… I am way excited! I’ve been on an anti-meat kick lately, so I wanted to try some new vegan recipes. I really don’t have much of a moral issue with most meat, I know I probably should. Veal I would never eat, that’s just sad. Actually, I probably would… Haha see the thing is, I don’t like to place unnecessary restrictions on myself. If I end up at a phenomenal restaurant whose specialty is veal, I’m not going to cry if I take a bite! I have no sympathy for fish… Haha, there’s just something about them. They’re so delicious and really, I can’t relate to the slimy finned friends. I hate to even think about chicken farms, they’re way gross. I eat chicken because my family likes it, and when I say likes it, I mean tolerates it. They’re red meat eaters, I hate red meat so we compromise and usually end up with poultry. Even though chicken defiantly isn’t my favorite, I like turkey a lot. Good, natural turkey cold cuts are on my list of favs, but lately I just don’t want any meat at all.

I spent the first $10 of my babysitting money on… OVERDUE LIBRARY FEES! Lame!

The drive home was one of the scariest experiences… um… ever? It was raining like this… and I couldn’t see ANYTHING! I tried to pull over, but 1. I couldn’t see the shoulder, and 2. I couldn’t break! I was hydroplaned it was storming so badly. There were streaks of lightning right on top of me… That was freaky. When I got home I just sat in the truck for like 15 minutes because I didn’t want to get the books soaked. I finally realized it wasn’t going to lighten up so I ran inside. In the 2 seconds from the car to the house, it looked like I had fallen in a pool. I kid you not, it was that bad. I was caught in the hurricane TWICE on the way home. This is some wacky weather!!

I needed something warm and comforting for lunch…

Southwestern Crunch-ito contained:

  • Asparagus
  • Pumpkin
  • Chili powder, paprika,
  • Broiled Tofu
  • Hot sauce
  • Black Beans
  • Cedar’s Salsa
  • Dijon Mustard

Dessert was a brownie z bar… no guilt here! J Lunch wasn’t until 4:00 so I won’t have dinner until late… I know, I eat like the French. J

Look at all those ingredients… Guess what? I DON’T CARE! I have a lot of packing to do because I’m heading to Maryland this weekend. L Don’t ask… and my parents won’t be home until way late because of the storm… My daddy’s never going to get in. Power outages= generators= Price chopper needs my daddy!!

I can’t believe the birds are chirping right now, after we just experienced a monsoon! Ahh, the wonders of nature.

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