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On the way to Maryland,

July 3, 2009

The Workout

I had to be speedy at the Y because I still had a lot of packing to do, so I just pool ran

60 minutes, consistent effort. This was supposed to be my “long run” day, but by the time I got a lane there was only time for an hour. I really haven’t gone over an hour before o I really wanted to challenge myself with a 75 minute “run” today. Pool running defiantly isn’t the same… (Um, duh!) But I’ve come to love it. It’s as close to running as I get and I appreciciate that. I think, similar to running, it’s all about challenging yourself… nobody is going to tell you to pick up the pool pace…

Except for swimming veteran in lane 4… Haha but that’s a different story.

I pounded and orange on the way home… here was the breakfast that powered me through three year olds and a pool run…


Patriotic oats, vanilla chai on a raining morning.

Lunch was a huge salad with tofu, tomato, arugula, veggies, jicama, salty potatoes and salsa.

On the car ride I had a smoked salmon roll and Z bar, oh and an orange. When we got here I had some of my aunt’s roasted vegetable salad and some pretzels. I wasn’t hungry, but I defiantly should’ve eaten more before I got here, I was missing an entire meal. My “snack” is typically the same caloric amount of my lunch, so I knew I didn’t get enough. The salad was way good though!

Dinner the other night was so good… over a bed of arugula I put sweat celery, a clove of garlic, ½ c pumpkin, hot sauce, mustard, 1 cup c8 and hers, ¼ cup black beans, and scallions. I also threw on some broiled salty potatoes and a squirt of lemon. HEAVAN!

My desert was some coconut banana gelato with chocolate fudge and tofu crème.

I baked for my aunt minda… This is pistachio strawberry bread. It came out so pretty!! Sorry we missed your b-day aunt Minda, get well soon!!

I had to babysit the other day. I decided to take funfetti cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, colored sugars, edible letters, icing (Pink and red for the girls’ favorite colors!) and food colors so we could decorate cupcakes as a project. They had a blast and it defiantly occupied them for a full hour. Score! The cupcakes they decorated were so adorable…

Okay, so I helped with some… what can I say? J We had a blast; I have many more pics from the decorating escapades featuring frosting filled faces and messy tie dye icing hands.

So the human nutrition experiment was the effects of high glysimic-index sugary frosting on children, on an empty stomach, in the morning. Um, can you say bouncing off the walls? The girls actually weren’t on their best behavior in their sugar high state, which is rare of them. When they crashed, they CRASHED! They were falling asleep on the plastic toy bins, claiming they weren’t tired. They got quite cranky and when I sat down to think about it, I can defiantly attribute it to the cupcakes. So this may seem obvious, sugar= spike and crash, but I never really realized… you can CONTROL someone’s behavior with their diet! Especially children. I think that’s really cool… seriously, changing the way someone acts just by giving them different foods.

I read The Sneaky Chef on the way down, and I loved it. Melissa gives such good ideas to get kids to eat their nutrients, hidden in things they already love. I’m going to experiment with some of her recipes on my family. I know FOR SURE they don’t eat enough produce. Last time I tried “healthy treats” for the family was vegan carob chip cookies. My brother, mother, and father hated them, and just one made me sick, sick sick for hours. It was really weird… strange carob effects? Anyway, I see no problem with chocolate in moderation so I may be staying away from the carob for right now.

Right now I’m in Maryland at my aunt’s house. The plan is to go sightseeing (?) today and the beach tomorrow.

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