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July 5, 2009

Of course I woke up in unfamiliar territory today at my aunt’s Maryland house. I woke up around 7:30, per usual.

I wake up to a legit soy latte made with actual decaf espresso! J Yes, my aunt Judy is a coffee connoisseur and hooked me up. I was all smiles. The fresh fruit was also really good; I’m so hooked on summer produce!

My Sleepy-eyed cousin whom I love dearly!!!

I went on a walk with Daddy and Uncle Ray, and then decided I better eat some actual food so I don’t get hungry later. After evaluating my options (Bagel or Bar) I went with the bar. I need more morning vitamins than a white bagel can provide. My appetite wasn’t there though… except for the cantaloupe. I had another bowl too!!

We headed out by noon, and until then I munched on this daemon…

Oh yah, of course there’s milk in those suckers… along with enough chemicals to preserve a fetal pig! Haha oh well…

Annapolis is such a beautiful city… It’s really quaint and I wish I could’ve spent the day exploring…We lunched at Ram’s Head, and my meal was really good.

Vegetarian Cuban black bean soup… I LOVE black bean soup!

Salad with sprouts and sesame vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was so delicious. I ate the whole salad (sans the croutons) and the roll dipped in this yummy dressing.

Of course, too many pictures were taken… I’m going to hijack Aunt Di’s camera card to get the rest of them.

We walked around, went to the Navy school, and just chilled out. It was fun… everyone stopped for ice-cream at this homemade place, and it looked so good. I’m not going to lie; I was bummed and really really wanted some. It looked so thoroughly delicious. Promptly, a coffee shop was found and a soy latte was ordered. Yup, 2 cups of coffee, one day. Not only that, but both coffee hits were foo foo drinks as opposed to my hard-core typical black coffee enjoyment. A little out of character, oh well!

We came back soon and my ankle required ample amounts of ice, so here I am icing away. I snacked on a z-bar… because I’m on vacation, duh! J… How can I break my addiction? When will it end!?

On the car rides, I read The Soy Desert and Baking Book, which was cool and gave me a lot of ideas, and started to devour Vegan with a Vengeance, which I love so far! I flipped through The Joy of Cooking in my aunt’s bookshelf and came to the realization I don’t have that book, and I need that book!! I also desire How to Cook Anything. New non-cookbook reads are defiantly going to be Red and Me by Bill Russell. (I love Red Aurbach!!) And I want to read What Einstein told his Cook 2… and probably re-read the first one. Summer rekindles my love for books… can you tell!!??

Dinner from the grill is probably approaching soon, and I just spoiled my appetite. Angry ankles make me hungry. L

Because my posts aren’t entirely random enough:

  • Next Friday we’re going to Boston with Uncle Ray Ray, Aunt Di, and Mag + Ant… It’s going to be a blast. I was a little worried about losing so many workouts, (this Friday, saturady and Sunday) and next Friday Saturday and Sunday, but with any luck, classy hotel Uncle Ray’s hooking us up with will contain an elliptical an/or bike…
  • I’m freaking out about Tuesday and doing all I can to not think about Dr. Bowman telling me I need a boot. KILL ME!!
  • I was a little proud of myself today as far as food went… I just snacked on chex mix! And had 2 lattes! I treated myself and don’t feel bad at all. Really! I usually feel bad when I munch on things, (like Chex Mix!) and I really enjoyed my lunch.
  • On a side note about food: I havn’t been eating very slowly lately. My past couple meals… (Sushi, salad, oats, etc.) have been scarfed down. Vacation is a time to SLOW it down and realize I need to enjoy what I’m eating, not devour it without tasting it!
  • My plan… which is quite epic… Is to get a full ride to college, then use my college fund (all $.32 of it) to travel with my dad the summer before I leave. I’m going to run on every kind of trail, in every city, and every town we stop in and enjoy it then report back. Then we’re going to eat at all kinds of hole-in-the-wall fun places, and record our delicious meals and adventures at every stop. This is going to become a scrapbook (or blog, which is almost the same thing haha) and then a book. I shall entitle it Runs and Eats, With Me & My Daddy the Creep! Or Foods I Had on a trip with My Dad… Or Rise and Run Dine and Done… Dad and Me Travel and Be. Hahaha It’s a work in progress!!

Je voudrais un bateau! S’il vous plait?

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