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Independence Day, A Sunny Beach, and A Burned Bum!

July 5, 2009

Last night’s dinner was salad, roasted veggies and bruchetta chicken. I proudly had the largest plate! J I left behind chicken, and added additional veggies.

I love summer produce. So much!

Today started with flavored coffee… What is with me!? And whole wheat English muffin, with peanut butter, cashews, and dried cranberries. I had lots of cantaloupe on the side because I love me my cantaloupe!

We promptly headed 2 hours to the beach for an ultimately relaxing beach day. It was so nice, the sun and water were beautiful!

The wild horses and I were for sure friends!

I snacked on a Lara bar and seriously, tons of fruit.

For lunch I had a small turkey with some Dijon mustard.

The day was nice, long and relaxing. Unfortunately, the sun had different ideas, and now I’m this color. All over. L

The car ride home subsequently sucked, due to a burned bum, itchy seats, and an uber-crowded 2 hour car ride.

Appetizers were bay clams, steamed with white wine, and a small salad with salsa. For dinner, I made Maggie and I flash grilled Ahi Tuna. It was marinated in Dijon, dark soy sauce, red pepper flakes, onion flakes, and sesame seeds. It was delicious! On the side I had salad and roasted vegetables (seconds on those!) This was so thoroughly delicious, and I love that I got my 11 year-old cousin to love rare ahi tuna steaks, encrusted in Dijon! J I’m so good!

I had some oatmeal for a late snack because I was a little hungry. It was slightly upsetting because it was sweetened with splenda and slightly gross. 😛

The fireworks display was homemade and so good! My uncle did an awesome job setting off a cool sequence of grounders. It was so fun! I’m slightly miserable right now, because of my ankle and all-over burn. I’m headed to bed… we’re heading back to New York tomorrow L Yay rain!

Happy Independence Day!

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