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Shopping Success, and a long way home

July 7, 2009

Today I woke up (late- weird!!) to my uncle making waffles! J he heard me in the car saying I don’t like pancakes, but I’m a waffle person, so he whipped up some for the house. When he remembered I couldn’t have milk, he quickly helped me mix up a mini batch with some vanilla soy. Because it was mine, I got to add cinimon and vanilla extract. Yay for being special! J

My aunt not only made me a cappuccino with ESPRESSO this morning, but she also taught me how to do it. I want an espresso maker so bad now!

It’s beautiful! Sniff! We decided to head to the outlets and do some shopping. My goals were as follows:

  • Senior picture outfit
  • Bathing Suit for Y
  • Some pants or shorts that FIT…

I was successful! I got some pants and shorts from Kid’s Gap… Yup a children’s store!… I got my bathing suit and a pair of my favorite pink running shorts from adidas. And from BCBG I bought a sweet white sundress. Ohh, how I love white sundresses.

I want to cut my hair very short before my picture. Drastic? Yes. Necessary? I think so! I’m really unsure of what style I want, or what will look good on me. I think shorter will make me look older… I’m thinking an inch above shoulder leval… Ahh it’s so different! After shopping we hopped on the road to head home. Around 3:30 everyone started getting hungry so my Uncle Ray (who was transporting Joe, Ant, Mag, and Aunt Di) and our car (my parents and I) stopped in Middletown, DE for lunch. We settled on North Star Grille, and by the time we picked a place it was 4:00, by the time we ate, it was quarter of 5!

Haha, my tummy was-a rumbleing! I had 2 saltene crackers as an “appetizer” (aka I hijacked the crackers from Maggie’s soup!) and I ordered the Portabella ciabatta sandwich, by recommendation of my favorite daddy.

It was DELICIOUS! And HUGE! I ate the whole sandwich, which you can’t tell from the picture was about a foot long. J I nixed the fries, but I did taste one and they were pretty good, seasoned with Old Bay.

I defiantly plan on making renditions of this Sammie. Grilled portabella mushroom sandwiches with balsamic reduction are on the LIST! I actually have been thinking lately about the alternative uses of my waffle maker. I think it’s time I use it to make paninis! Ant and Joe ordered chicken tenders which they LOVED… The fried chicken looked, actually, really good! My mother’s nachos had a quite delicious house salsa.

A couple house later in the car, I snacked on a chocodwalla for dessert.

Right now, we are stuck in a whole heap of holiday traffic, heading home at 20 mph. Meagan is not a happy girl! I am burnt, uncomfy, and unhappy. I’m paying dearly for a weekend of being on my ankle, and I really want to be home. Tomarrow morning, I need to be at work by 9, PC to check my schedule and then PT at 1, the gym following that. I’m so not looking forward to putting on the pool running belt with this sunburn, but I’ll get over it.

This week will hopefully go like this:

Monday: Work, PC, PT, Y for long workout… (30 minutes on the elliptical, abs, leg press, calf press, lunges with bicep curls, calf raises, stretching, then a 60 minute PR with 5 min intervals, 3 min of recovery. Dinner: Turkey minestrone soup with ground turkey, celery, carrots, garlic, diced salty potatoes, soy sauce, herbs, V8 and chicken stock. The fridge needs to be cleaned out!

Tuesday: Y way early hopefully!! Abs, leg press, calf press, lunges + bicep, calf raises, and then some shoulders? Then 75 minute pool run.

Wednesday: Orthepedist appt at 9:10… L and then work out later on- 30 min cycleing, abs+legs, then25 m reps with 25 m recovery for 60 minutes, stretching.

Thursday: Work, Workout 5 min w.u, 25 min temp effort, 4 min recovery, 1 min hard (35) then 50 m reps with 25 m recovery

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