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Distracted Monday, Pesto Long run Tuesday

July 8, 2009

Monday was kind’ve a wacky day. I started with a big bowl of oat bran, and from there went to babysitting. After work I had to check my schedule and then go to PT. PT took forever! Then after that, I headed to the Y for my workout, got home, ate again (lunch? At 5?) Cooked dinner, ate, and moped about my ankle… then went to bed!

Strawberry-Banana French Toast Oat bran with Vanilla Chai

The Workout

I started upstairs with 20 minutes on the bike to warm up, easy pace.

  • Abs
  • Weighted lunges, calf raises
  • Leg press (2 sets 20, 1 set 25)
  • Calf press (3 sets 25-30)

Then I proceeded to the pool for an hour long pool run. 5 min w.u, then 5 minute intervals with 3 minutes recovery. I was so unfocused today. I lost count a million times, and found myself pushing on the recovery and slipping on the intervals. The water felt good, and it felt good to work a little, but I was so distracted by the prospect of a boot.

Today I got out early for my workout and could NOT get a space in the parking lot. I had to park at the elementary school behind the Y! grr. So no big deal right? When I got done working out it was MONSOONING out and I sprinted to the truck in the pouring rain! I did the grocery shopping and then came home and put stuff away. I immediately made homemade picot de Gallo!! I LOVE my Pico, and I think it’s the best. I wouldn’t give it to someone else and tell them it’s the best they’ll ever taste because I tailor it to ME and MY tastes only! Haha J So I like it. I them mixed up batter for surprise brownies…

Adapted from sneaky chef, these had spinach and blueberry puree! He he! Aunt Di, Uncle Ray, Mag, Ant, and Joe came for dessert and everyone seemed to like them. J

This morning’s breakfast was a STUPID bagel with ½ banana. By stupid, I mean freezer burnt. My freezer really fails to impress me. I find most of my stuff with fuzz-a-plenty on it.

Snackage was orange and triscuts, and defiantly tastes of my new hummus… More on that in a sec.

Lunch was salad on arugula with BBQ, hot sauce, pears, lemon juice, tomato, salty potato (broiled), cucumber, and leftover turkey-taco-ish stuff from the other night. YUMMY… I was shaking hungry. Bagels DO NOT do it for me anymore. Especially freezer burnt ones!

For dinner I made something special!

Shrimp and Shiitake mushrooms over thin spaghetti with a creamy pesto sauce. My parents LOVED it… and the recipe is my own… But it is dairy free, creamy, low fat, and has 2 servings of vegetables. Beat that!

My plate! J My delicious plate. There will be more of this creamy pesto sauce, for sure!!

This was dessert, while everyone was here. Fear not, I had another 2 brownies! They defiantly weren’t the BEST ever, but they were good. Maybe some more modification? I have the leftover purple puree (spinach and blueberry) for breakfasts or another recipe. It really is a power house, as spinach and blueberries work together for iron and vitamins.

After the Staulters left I made roasted eggplant hummus with the eggplant I had roasted earlier. I set out to make baba ganoush, but it was too watery so I change it around, spiced it up, and came up with a delicious hummus that is going to be wonderful on crackers, salads, and veggies! Ooh and sandwiches!! J Yay for hummus! Pictures of Pico and Babammus (okay with you?) to come!

The Workout

Today started upstairs with

  • Abs
  • Weighted lunges and bicep curl (3 sets 30)
  • Calf raises (3 sets 30)
  • Leg press (3 sets 20)
  • Calf press (3 sets 25)

I went downstairs for a 75 minute long run pool run. Yes, it took forever. It actually went by pretty fast now that I think about it, an hour and 15 minutes is a long time to pool run. It’s so much “dryer” than actual running. (I know, I’m punny…) but I miss the open roads so much. There was a lightning clap and everyone was kicked out of the pool, just as my watch hit 75! J


I’m so, so nervous about the orthopedist tomorrow morning. It an early appointment!! Ahh!!

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