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Boston Once More!

July 13, 2009

Saturday began with black bean soup and baguette for Brunch.

We walked around the harbor to see the beautiful ships on the water… the weather was phenomenal.

Above, my lovely family…

We explored a little, hung out by the aquarium and then took a “tour”

AKA the speedboat “Codzilla” cruise… it was a BLAST! We were soaking wet and dying of laughter.

I love the skyline!

My Daddy-o loves boats!

My best and I!

We did a little shopping and some bar hopping bathroom stops… Haha every time Maggie had to go to the bathroom, we went in a bar so Uncle Ray and Daddy could enjoy a drink.

I love my daddy!

After the cruise, we met my cousins Sarah and Alley for dinner and then went to Quincy for gelato… I got a lovely latte


We concluded the vacation with a Trader Joe’s trip!! I bought: Crunchy Almond Butter, Jam Frekas bars (the peanut butter was good, I’m yet to try the chocolate…) Dried bananas, Dried Bartlett pears, Dark chocolate non perils, a fruit leather, and Agave Nectar. The Crunchy Almond butter is AMAZING! I don’t know how I lived without it!!

Overall the vacation was a blast, I’m so glad I had my pal Mo with me, Maggie, Joe and Anthony are all my bests and It was good to have a “last hurrah” before Monday…

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