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Rabbits don’t have it this fine!!

July 13, 2009

Hello… Today was Thursday so I had work until noon. The mom understood about the cast and she said if it works for me, them I can still watch them… I’m crossing my fingers it works for me!

Cherry Strawberry Oats with Almond cookie tea…

The oats were cooked in water, then I added about 1/5 block silken tofu, then 1/3 c egg white

My beverage of choice after breakfast was vanilla seltzer… I fully expected this to be revolting, but instead it became my new favorite flavor! I love the vanilla; it tastes just like a cream soda without the sickening sweetness and chemical-y taste. Two thumbs up!

For lunch, I dined on an amazing salad. Seriously? This was soo yummy… It had homemade Pico de Gallo and babumus, along with a variety of veggies and sprouts, hot sauce, and I think some dinosaur bbq. Rabbits don’t have it this fine!

My spot of desert was soy yogurt mixed with protein powder, cocoa powder, the spinach blueberry puree, and some tofu creations pudding.

The Workout

Friday was 50 m reps. With 25 m. of recovery. I defiantly worked hard again, for 60 minutes. The workouts are winding down… L

For dinner I created a pretty dish…

Swai and Grilled endive. The swai was seasoned with adobo sauce, salt, pepper, parsley, lemon zest, thyme, and then a sprinkle of what germ (I wanted it to get crisp… but it didn’t) The Endive was just sprayed with a little smart balance and then salted and peppered. There was also a grilled spit shallot I sliced then to put over the fish and endive to serve… it was so sweet!!

Right after dinner, I headed out to go to fireworks with Jenna and Lara!

That’s Only 8 frozen yogurt… It’s lactose free, not dairy free… BUT it’s made with whey protein, not casein so it usually sits okay with me! Jenna and Lara got A&W’s millions of flavors of soft ice cream. J

We had a blast, the fireworks were awesome and it was a great night out to distract me. I slept over Jenna’s house.

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