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I can’t believe this.

July 14, 2009

This will be the object of my hatred for the next four six weeks. What’s that you say? Yes. The doctor this morning said the cast will be on six weeks, as in the entire summer. I’m calling tomorrow to beg him for four weeks, or even five… but six? Are you SERIOUS!!!! I’m defiantly not allowed to pool run. I can’t do ANYTHING. I feel like a lazy bum! Not to mention I have tendonitis in my right ankle, too. It’s not nearly as severe but with all my weight on that leg every day… OBIOUSLY IT’S GOING TO GET WORSE. I hate doctors so much. I really really do!


Okay, enough of miserable negativity. Food Today?

A yogurt mix-up with fruit, almond butter, and vanilla protein

Salad with delicious broiled tofu… (I broiled this yesterday with a marinade of liquid smoke, mustard, tomato paste, soy sauce, hot pepper flakes, fennel and anise seeds)

Snack was lots of fruit and then Triscuts with hummus and tomato paste.

Dinner was my last chickpea burger and broiled salty potatoes, the green beans were ehh…

Mocha chocolate chip ice cream for a spot of dessert.

Tomarrow I’m heading to Walmart with Joe to do some shopping then the Y with Ant to lift… I need to do something with myself to get out of this funk. I’m so miserable. L

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