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Goodbye Chocó-coco.

July 17, 2009

My chocolate coconut milk yogurt is no more. Why? I took a bite and decided it was amazing, returned it to the fridge. My brother proceeded to open the fridge, yank out the milk and drop my yogurt all over the floor. Tear!!!!

Breakfast was Better-than-banana-bread oats

So thick, so creamy… topped with mixed nut butter… with a splash of maple extract. Ohh yah!

I went babysitting, which is way way challenging now. I really hope I get the hang of it but I’m having a hugely hard time. After, I went to the Y.

The Workout

Arm bike: 30 minutes, 5 forward, 5 back and on and on. I did better today! J Still level dos, but all is good. I got to .5 distances… Haha I’m not sure .5 what, probably miles. Yup, one mile an hour is defiantly my arm bike pace. Sick!

After I did 20 minutes core

3 sets 35 butt curls

3 sets 30 leg lifts

5 shoulder workouts

3 sets 30 pushups

3 sets 30 runner’s crunches

I pounded an orange on the way home and then made a huge unpictured salad when I returned. It was quite yummy… I hate being home so much; Joe makes me feel horrible every time I ask him a favor. I get very miserable around the house. I need to start summer projects!

I snacked on a breakfast cookie and plenty of pineapple, then dinner was a yummy crunch wrap

Triscuts with almond butter and figoco. Plus more triscuts J

My baby girl feels me!

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