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Chocolate Chip Thank You’s and a chilly día de verano

July 18, 2009

Hola! Hoy hago las galletas de chocolate para mi hermano porque el ayuda me con actividades típica en mis días, pues el no un bueno trabajador. Hago la salsa de “pesto” con muchos verdes… es para las pizzas, o los pastas, o los bocadillos! Fue delicioso. (Tiene tofu! Shhh!)

Haha I love Spanish being foreign, I wish I could talk in different languages all the time. Today I was planning on sleeping in, but unfortunately I could not sleep a wink past 7. I got up and hung out while my mom got ready for work. I made chocolate chip cookie dough when she left for my brother to wake up to, because he’s been my “helper” for the last couple days. (Even though I act slightly unappreciative…) I whipped up a patch of pesto with basil (from Boston), spinach, tofu, vegparm, Dijon, anchovies paste, some spices and herbs. I cleaned up, ate and then baked some cookies when Joe woke up. I left for the Y at 1ish?

Breakfast was an explosion of Peanut butter. I’m being 100% serious.

Looks quite bland, no? Well it contained peanut butter in every delicious way! This was 1 cup of Newman’s flax flakes, about ¼ cup of the peanut butter granola, a heaping tablespoon of pb2, and of crunchy peanut butter. Over this complex explosion of flavor, I poured a ½ cup of unsweetened vanilla hemp milk mixed with 2 tbsp vanilla jayrobb. Protein? Fat? Carbs? Fiber? FLAVOR!? Done and done. I usually like to incorporate a lot more fresh fruit into my breakfast but we have a bunch of melon everywhere, but not any berries, cheeries or bananas…

Two breakfast reflections: 1. I miss eating outside more than anything. I can’t get out to the deck or porch without help so I get stuck eating in the kitchen. L I need to rig something up that will make it easy to transport plates up stairs out to the porch.

2. A note on bananas. I never eat bananas as a snack anymore. I like them in stuff still, nit not every day. While my IBS was at its worst I would eat bananas all the time. I incorporated one into breakfast then another before lunch, then one as a pre-practice snack, along with honey wheat pretzels. Bananas have a lot of soluble fiber, so if I ate one before my meal, I could tolerate it better. This was the stage that ANY whole grain made me sick and peanut butter was unthinkable. I think this is when my hair was damaged, because I simply did not eat enough fat. In my defense, I truly couldn’t because it would make me sick right away.

I snacked on melon and a breakfast cookie

Frosty goodness.

The Workout

I did the arm bike for 30 minutes, same workout as yesterday… 5 one way, 5 the other. .5 of whatever distance I’m going! Woo hoo! It felt better today. I think once I gain some arm strength I’ll be able to achieve cardio with this evil bike. J

  • 25 minutes of core work
  • 3 x 30 runners crunches
  • 3 x 30 pushups
  • 3 x 40 leg lifts x each leg
  • 3 x 30 shoulder lifts (5 lb)
  • 3 x 30 butt lifts x each leg (5 lb)
  • 15 x 5 shoulder exercises (5 lb)
  • Stretch


When I got home, I opened the fridge and saw the salty potatoes. I took them out to broil for a component of lunch and somehow one wandered into my mouth… and then into the jar of almond butter… and then back into my mouth. Ute oh!!


Lunch was a salad with tuna salad…

Have I mentioned I hate eating inside?? Chunky tuna in water was mixed with pesto, babumus, sriachi… then ½ a bell pepper, and a marinated portabella topped the bed of baby spinach and arugula, my favorite blend.


Anyway, I have someone to introduce to you…


It’s a knee scooter, for me to get around!! So much better than crutches! I still need my crutches in many situations (i.e.… STAIRS) but Knee scooter Carlos is my new pal!

Tonight I do believe I’m going to see a movie with Steph and her foreign exchange student at the films forum. Ohh yah subtitles!!


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