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New Cuisines and a wet adventure!

July 18, 2009

So I went out with Steph to Saratoga, but foreign exchange student didn’t feel well, so she didn’t come. We found a parking space by like 7:30 and the movie was at 8. We had to decide between food and movie, but when we found out it was a different movie (not the Spanish one) we decided on dinner.

We both wanted to try something new, so Indian it was! There is a place near Saratoga Beads that I’ve wanted to try for a long time… Karavalli Indian Cuisine. I know very little about Indian food… I mean really, with my food knowledge I really still know nothing about it. I know that it’s awesome, and spicy, and I knew I would like it!

The starter was a Docai with onion pepper chutney and a mint cilantro sauce. They were way good, the Docai is a thin crepe… lentil I believe, and it’s really light. While we tried to decipher the menu, we ordered some rosemary Naan. Oh my gosh! This was so good… warm, bubbly, and chewy. I’ve never had fresh warm naan before and I was defiantly a fan!

I had about 2 slices…

It came with a yogurt dipping sauce. On the menu they have a whole wheat raisin and nut naan that I may pick up next time I’m on Caroline making jewelry! J That would be awesome for breakfast!!

Anyway, we decided on entrees…

I ordered: CHANA MASALA Chickpeas cooked with fresh tomatoes, ginger and fresh coriander leaves.

Steph Ordered: AVIAL MALABAR a Kerala Specialty
Green Bananas, yams, beans, drum stick, carrot, eggplant and squash tempered with
Curry leaves and mustard in a medium spicy coconut and yogurt sauce

She said it was way good and I believe her. It all came with a big plate of jasmine rice…

The rice

My Chickpeas! J They actually weren’t as spicy as I would have liked, but way good!

Steph’s uhh… Malabar? Haha I love knowing nothing about this cuisine!

The verdict… I’m so excited to try more Indian food, and the wait staff was so friendly! I have leftover chickpeas for tomorrow, some rice and some naan.

After dinner, we wandered to Uncommon Grounds. I ordered a vanilla soy cappuccino and steph had a mocha and a cookie! Yummy…

I had already sipped… We chatted over our coffee and then headed to the car. On the way, we saw Jason and Jake. They texted us so we met them at Ben and Jerry’s then walked around Toga for a while we caught up. Haha I was a power crutcher! It was pouring rain and I was crutching as fast as I could… Haha it was so funny, they would cross the street and I would get caught on the curb, with a car coming in each direction. I was going to slip and get run over twice… people in the cars were laughing at me L poo poo! 😉

So now I sit here, wet and content, researching Indian cuisine. Twas a good night!!

Haha dinner date!

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