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Production and a Fishy Friend

July 20, 2009

I need a productive day today. I think that would make me feel much better:

  • Find out father Keith’s Email address, send him the email about letter
  • Fold laundry (x3 loads)
  • Clean room (hopefully with some help…)
  • Change Sheets in bedroom, change bedding.
  • Vacuum would be niceee!
  • Grab eats for dinner tonight and tomorrow



  • Find out all the information I need to apply for Clemson
  • Consolidate it in a folder
  • Research scholarships, Apply to 3 by Wednesday
  • Apply to another 3 by next Wednesday (I think 3 a week is a good quota… agrees?)
  • Spend an hour or two reading (Kite Runner)
  • Order the summer reading book (the elements of style?)
  • Look up SAT and ACT dates
  • Print out SENIOR CALLENDAR with the dates of scholarships, deadlines for applications, beginning dates for applications, test dates, etc.

So today was sort of successful… It began with pumpkin pineapple oats


Topped with monkey boy Saratoga Peanut Company Peanut Butter!


Holey Yum… Leftovers from dinner last night were even better cold, over a bed of arugala with a little more hot sauce. J

The last Z-bar. I didn’t buy more at the market this week because they were almost $4!!

And a spot of chocolate…

I was very snack (surprise surprise!) as I always am on cleaning days. Boredom eating? Nahhhhh… haha gimme a break, Intuitive eating is coming in the mail!

Okay… This was an awesome parfait!!! It had a layer of soy yogurt, then a layer of Newman’s honey flax flakes… then a layer of dark chocolate pudding and a tbsp chocolate protein powder… topped with some peanut butter granola and a splash of hemp milk. WOW! It was A. Maze. Ing!

My brother and I went to the market to grab food for the week and I stocked up on produce. Before I left, I had cut up my yucca root from the farmer’s market in Boston, and covered it with water, garlic powder, bay leaves, coriander seeds, peppercorns, and red pepper flakes. It simmered about 2 hours…

When I got home I cut the skins off and in the empty pan, sautéed 5 cloves of garlic in extra virgin olive oil. I added the yucca back in and threw in chicken stock, then covered it and cranked it up so the yucca would soften. Eventually, it was mash able and as I mashed I added stock. This root has some serious thickening power!! WOW!!! I kept on stirring in stock until it was to a good consistency and just stirred and stocked as I made the rest of dinner.

I seasoned catfish with salt, white pepper, lots of paprika, lime zest, and thyme, then grilled it skin side down. While it was cooking I mixed up a simple salad of cucumbers and thinly sliced radish, salt, pepper and a splash of red wine vinegar.

Mind you I’ve been doing food prep in a rolling chair through my kitchen, and kneeling on it to cut. Nice! Haha nothing’s holding me back!

Dinner came out absolutely delicious, I thought the catfish was a really nice fish for the yucca and the light salad balanced it all out… both the fish and starch are quite rich.

I need plain white plates!

After dinner, it was time. My friend Mr. Salmon was about to become SMOKED! I tried filleting the salmon, and it was difficult but I was a successful as I could be with this knife:

This is seriously the only sharp knife we have in our kitchen, so I use it for EVERYTHING. Improper? Yes. Necessary? Yes! Even the chef’s knife has no bite… Put that on a list! Haha.

My brother decided he wanted to scale it… and there are currently salmon scales embedded permanently all over my kitchen. Gross!! J

Removing the pin bones was much more difficult than I anticipated, and before I knew it I was covered in salmon-yuck and getting really tired.

Evil, evil!! After de-boning I mixed one part brown sugar to one part kosher slat and much fresh ground black pepper (about a tbsp?)

The racks kept the salmon wedged, the ramekins act as weights, and the lower dish cloth puts a tilt in the container so the run-off will go to the other side… The contraption was transferred to the fridge.

I hope that works! I cleaned up the fishy mess and felt very proud. Because it wasn’t a huge fish (I scored this baby for $5!!!) It should only take overnight to cure. I’m going to take it out in the morning to rinse it then let the pellicle form. I have to work all day, but hopefully my daddy can maintain 150 in the smoker for a couple hours. It took Alton browns big filets 5 hrs to reach 150, but I think my smaller ones will take around three (complete guess!)

After all that hard work, I had the last two Non-perils.

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