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Smokey Fish, Working Girl, and Leftover Heaven

July 21, 2009

Yesterday I worked at price chopper all day…


Haha I told people about the fuel promotion, but most people are well aware so I basically spent the day sitting, saying “how are you?” “Have a great day!!” Wow, I felt like my life was a waste of time!! Oh well, I am so thankful that Chopper is still willing to pay me while I’m a cripple for doing, basically, nothing! Haha it’s like a long car ride… except in the front of a supermarket.

Speaking of Price Chopper, I have to say they’re pretty awesome. The sushi I had was delicious yesterday, the bread there is the BEST ever (especially the sunflower seed!) They sell P.C brand (Central Market) Organic Oreos and different hummus flavors. Their produce is always good (although it erks me it’s too fresh… they trash bananas with any black!!!) and quite expansive (Horseradish root, jicama, edible flowers, passion fruit…). They always keep good Clif and Lara bars in stock, their Gluten Free section is impressive, they have So Decadent Ice-cream, a good selection of Tofu and soymilk, They carry a lot of Newman’s Own things and I have found Whole grain pasta in most shapes (not orzo! L). The Amy’s selection is great and as far as peanut butter goes- They carry smart balance, which I love, the Shopper’s World store has PB Company products (like white chocolate wonderful!), and the Route 50 store has Saratoga Peanut company products… (Really awesome- yay local companies!) They carry almond, cashew, and sun butter but I would never buy it there, it’s way too expensive. All in all I have to give Chopper a gold star for catering to my tastes, and I am way fortunate that we also have the Green Grocer right around the corner. This health food store rocks, and has everything I could wish for that price Chopper Doesn’t have. Now we need a trader Joe’s (for sure) and I would be all set!

Anyway, yesterday my breakfast was slightly different and very good:

Whole Grain hoagie? Or hotdog? Roll with ½ an avocado, ½ a banana and Jay robb mixed with Silken. It was messy, creamy and awesome.

I also had a juicy amazing pear that made my life complete!

At price chopper, I had a cliff bar and a Taka Maki sushi roll. When I got home, I devoured an orange and then we had company for dinner. (Uncle Mike, Aunt Darlene, Lindsey, Ryan, and GP)

I dined on smoked salmon with a baby greens salad and salty potatoes

After an 8 hr cure, rinsed off and layed out to dry.

After smoking at 150 all day… If I were home, it would have been much shorter, but I can appreciate the INTENSE Smokey flavor it had. Dad must’ve used hickory.

No one else wanted fish, they all had chicken. My dad had also prepared a fresh pasta salad with multi grain penne, cherry tomatoes, fresh garden herbs and parmesan vinaigrette. He’s good J (we got into a huge fight yesterday… different story!)

For desert GP brought ambrosia, and I had two helpings because I was hungry!

This morning, I made Rhubarb Pumpkin Banana oats. If you are ever way hungry, this bowl will FILL YOU UP!

  • 1 cup diced rhubarb
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 1/3 cup pumpkin
  • ½ melted banana (CCK!)
  • 1/3 cup egg white
  • Cinnamon and a little maple extract

It seriously made 3 cups… no joke.

The last of the mixed nut butter!

I went to work (kiddies today!) and then to the Y…

The Workout

30 minutes on the arm bike, same as last time… It was really hard at first but 30 minutes later I was at .5 so I must’ve done something right. The rest of the workout was the same as Fridays… Abs shoulders leg lifts glutes, stretching pushups runner’s crunches, etc etc!

There are always basketball players there from 1-3… they’re pretty cute J

When I got home, I utilized a plethora of leftovers and created something I was craving all day…


Smoked salmon, carrot, bell pepper. Some received a little endive love… and my “glue” was leftover yucca, which held the aromatic jasmine rice from Indian the other night. I also put a thin layer of miso and a little wasabi… Heavenly!!

I’m out to read The Kite Runner on the hammock. Tata for now!

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