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Catch up, and a Banana Reform

July 23, 2009

Tuesday’s Breakfast was a serious dessert parfait. This had cereal, pb, chocolate jay Robb, pb granola, strawberries, and chocolate pudding… with a splash of hemp milk.

The Workout

  • 45 minutes on the arm bike, .75 miles! Woo hoo, I’m getting there! This actually didn’t feel unbearable, I was quite motivated. (done 5 min forward, 5 back, repeat)
  • Abs, leg lifts, straight leg lifts, pushups, runner’s crunches, butt lifts, 6 shoulder workouts, the works…

For some reason, this workout wiped me out. It didn’t hit me until after, but I was falling asleep eating dinner. Speaking of dinner…

What’s French Toast, Smoked salmon, a burger, a marsala portabella mushroom and roasted veggies combined?

This Sandwich (which was very unphotogenic… I hate taking pictures after the sun goes down)!! The bun was toasted and then dipped in an egg bath seasoned with mustard and hot sauce, plus some herbs and garlic powder… (Hehe! The mustard is added at this step)

Then It was cooked like French toast… The portabella mushroom was marinated in Marcela wine and herbs then grilled and basted with the wine. The bun was spread with tomato paste and then topped with smoked salmon, roasted veggies, and the mushroom. Oh my yum! It was a little too messy though- next time I would make the same sandwich, but with my French press toast method.

I used to build a sandwich, then make an egg bath and soak each side, then press it in the fridge under another plate in the egg bath for 30 minutes. Drain well, then grill- OHHH SOO GOOOD!


Grilled peppers and onions- Beautiful!

Okay, so I totally tried banana soft serve… I like it a lot! The fudge was 1 tbsp pudding, 1 tbsp jayrobb, some cocoa and some hemp milk. YUM.

This morning I had a creamy dream chocolate cherry smoothie:

Cook 1/3 cup rolled oats in a cup of water and a tbsp cocoa (5 min) add 2 egg whites and Wisk in, cook until thick, blend… refrigerate. Morning: add 1 scoop chocolate protein, 1 cup frozen cherries, ½ cup hemp milk and one coffee cube. So Rich- So Creamy!

I headed to the gym way early (Before 9! Whoa, go me!)

The Workout

  • 30 minutes on the arm bike, which felt very suckish. I did my half mile, but I wasn’t happy about it.
  • Abs, shoulders, legs, butt, stretch (aka “the works”)

I came home and had an orange, then baked my cousin Kristen birthday cookies… I’m bringing them to her house tomorrow night, she’s way right now. (I wish I had known that so they would be freshly baked! L )

My salad was a layered composition of everything leftover… roasted veggies, hummus, pico de gallo, smoked salmon… etc etc.

I headed to work, where I snaked on a clif bar and a Snapple on break (okay, maybe not… By the time I bought the goods, my break was over! So I ate and greeted simultaneously. J Yay for multitasking!)… Some guy HAD THE NERVE to call me lazy. It went like this:

Man Enters…

Me: How are you today?

Man: Oh, don’t bother getting up, you just sit tight right there and do your job.

Me: Huh?

And when Man left…

Man: You still sit there, and when your manager comes over and asks you to do something, you tell him you’re busy sitting and can’t be bothered.

Me: FU, you OLD POS!! Huh?

I seriously just smiled and said have a good day and then almost ripped off my cast to go for anger tempo-run. I hate people! Okay sir, I’ll stand for you on ONE FOOT like a flamingo… Because I think standing up is a completely crucial element of my job- telling people about the fuel table. You’re right; I’m a lazy teen, just sitting on my bum in a supermarket. I’m just a “kid these days” that has everything handed to me. FU!

Okay, that was an intense rant. When I came home, I made a stir fry… with all things leftover… Including pumpkin, mashed yucca, spices+ herbs

Smoked salmon, cauliflower, spinach, sriachi, pesto sauce, the rest of the grilled veggies, and some mushrooms. Yeah, It was ugly.

Desert was banana soft serve… What!? I thought I wasn’t big on bananas! Haha… Coffee banana ice-cream (instant coffee powder- yum!) with fudge (pudding hemp and cocoa powder)

Cherry on top! This WAS exactly like a banana split. It really could not taste any more like a banana split if it tried! It’s yummy… and growing on me.

Tomorrow I have babysitting in the morning, Gym after that, then the library to pick up a book for Joe… Possibly fireworks?? Friday is Gym early, Work from 1-7.

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  1. July 24, 2009 11:03 am

    hey, just found your blog through the gen nut forum on runner’s world. that’s an epic sandwich! i’m really digging the banana soft serve these days, too. haven’t tried it with chocolate sauce yet but it looks great.

    • ohhmay permalink
      July 25, 2009 2:53 am

      Thanks- Yeah the banana ice cream is GREAT with some chocolate protein powder and cocoa processed in… chocolate protein ice cream! Thanks for checking it out 🙂

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