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Ice-Cream for Breakfast, and an Intense Work Week

July 26, 2009

My finger is throbbing! I closed my hand in my truck door (Haha I’m such a klutz!!) and my middle finger is bruised and swollen. Grr! J

Let’s see… Friday:

I woke up early and jetted around getting ready…For my Pre-Gym Brekkie I tried a new flavor of Clif bar I picked up at trader Joe’s on our last time out…

Peanut toffee buzz… This flavor has a little hit of caffeine, so the intention was to get me energized for my workout. I did feel bright eyed and it didn’t upset my stomach, but the flavor was meh…

Clif bars, how I love you…Lately you just haven’t been doing it for me. I still am in love with chocolate almond fudge (Ohhh yah!) and Brownie Z-Bars, but they don’t taste as good to me as they used to.

The Workout

30 minutes on the arm bike… I felt like I was playing catch up the whole time… I was .01 miles behind where I should be so it felt extra hard. Just over 30 minutes was .5 miles.

Strength was in a different order… I did my arms first, glutes next, some additional glute exercises… (I found ankle weights!) Legs, the abs… I actually skipped my obliques because I didn’t want to be too long, and then finished off with runners crunches and one legged pushups.

When I got back I was hungry, so I defiantly dug into a bowl of Newman’s cereal, topped with strawberries, avocado half, protein frosting, with 1 tbsp PB2 mixed with hemp milk. This is so good, it rocks my face OFF.

I had a JUICY SWEET pear with almond butter while I got ready… Oh my goodness- this combination is to die for… really!!

I headed to work and on break I found some brown rice products in the sushi bar!!! I knew I wasn’t off until 7, so I wanted something more substantial than a roll…

The brown rice tuna sandwiches were delectable!! They were more filling than a roll and really yummy… The brown rice was a little hard; I don’t think they’ve perfected it yet… They’re getting there!

When I got off, I headed home and had a delicious spinach salad with Dijon vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, black berries and a poached egg. Simple and delicious.

I started to make a banana ice-cream but my dad came downstairs and asked if we wanted to go to Lake George for ice-cream… Of course!! I got an Only 8 in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles. It was HUGE! I was so glad; I love soft ice-cream it makes me feel like summer. I snacked on fruit while I played with Photoshop until 2 am… oops!

What did I do with the banana soft serve you ask?

Good Morning! I actually slept in today and it felt great. I got up at 9:45 and read for a while; I didn’t eat breakfast until 12:00!!

Probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten… Haha this was a frozen banana, 2 tbsp Jay Robb chocolate, ½ tbsp cocoa, and about 2 tbsp of silken creations chocolate pudding. Process and freeze.

I froze it overnight, and in the morning it wasn’t rock solid as I anticipated! It was actually the texture of a smooth hard ice-cream. I topped it with almond butter, and dined in the sun.

Ice-cream for breakfast. The last time I had this was when I was little. My cousin and I stayed over GP’s because my Papa was really sick. They all knew something we didn’t. In the morning, GP let us eat whatever we wanted for breakfast… that would be ice cream. When my parents picked us up, the handed my cousin over to my aunt and uncle and took my brother and I for a walk. They had something to tell us. Papa was such a cool guy… I mean it. He was so chill and he loved my brother so much. Joe was his boy, just like Nathan was his boy. Papa fought in the Korean War, and he was so handsome. I look at pictures of my grandma and papa and think wow… they were so beautiful. He passed away on June 22, and now his memories stay strong. I wish so much I was older, because I know him mostly through stories now. I love how Nathan looks up to Papa… Nate was so close to him and he wears his necklace every day. Everything he does, he tries to do like Papa. Scotch was his drink, apple tobacco, and a gold cross.

When I was little I had an obsession with donuts. I loved Boston Cream so much… My large Italian family thinks food fixes everything and for weeks there were boxes of sympathy donuts in our houses. I can’t eat donuts to this day. I thought I would take some time this morning to remember papa with a little ice-cream for breakfast.

For lunch I had a really great sandwich…

You can’t tell from the Photo, obviously… but it was a spicy black bean burger and a whole wheat bun, some pumpkin and some pesto, roasted red peppers and spinach. Delicious!

The black bean burger was central market brand, so it was pretty cheap… I broiled it for 3 minutes on each side.

Another Trader Joe’s find and a breakfast cookie…

I went to Lara’s Birthday party and had a ton of fun; I had melon, a toasted bun and a piece of cake… not much of an appetite.

I currently dine on a mango and a breakfast cookie, now I’m hungry!!!

Tomorrow I’m working 10:30 to 3….Monday- Babysit, Tuesday 10:30- 3, Wednesday 10:30-3, Thursday-Babysit, Friday 10:30- 3:00, Saturday –OFF!!! Sunday 10:30-3

Wow. I’m not looking forward to this week!

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