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Falling Behind, the Best Sushi Ever, and Plenty of Ice-Cream

July 29, 2009

Where did the world of Meagan leave off? Ohh yes, I think we were at Saturday night. I had mentioned I ate a bun at a birthday party because chicken makes me gag. J

So later that night, my tummy was grumbling… again! I went downstairs and decided I was tired of being skinny.

Soo I ate half a box of cereal. I was not in happy mood. I think instead of emotional eating, I was eating then emotional about it… does that make any sense? No? That’s okay…

The next morning my baby lifted up my spirits… I found her like this:

I got up at 5 and had a kasha bar and some pineapple, and baked a batch of breakfast cookies. These had pumpkin, carrots, rhubarb, chocolate chips, dried bananas, and pistachios. Yummy!

For breakfast, I had a cookie and this bowl of oats:

Strawberry Rhubarb… Yum.

I went to work, and was starving there too!!! I had a cashew cookie Lara bar and a pear. The pear was phenomenal. So sweet and juicy!

When I was done working, I had a salmon creation… mashed yucca, a packet of salmon, hot sauce, bbq sauce and veggies. It was delicious, and my angry tummy continued to roar.

Two of these and some cheese-less pizza later, I was finally full. I thought this was just a huge lunch, but it turned out to be a dinner… I didn’t get hungry again until 9.

9:00, enter the latest and greatest ice-cream creation.

My cameras busted… as you might have seen in the past couple days. L

This ice-cream was a frozen banana, vanilla extract, a little vanilla tofu pudding, FROZEN CORN (1/3 cup) and PB2. (2 tbsp) It was processed and served up in a sugar cone. The corn is nutty so it works well with the peanut butter!!!


A DELICIOUS power smoothie, made with vanilla almond butter (1 tbsp), frozen pineapple and cherries, 1/3 cup cooked oats, hemp milk, and vanilla protein. Thick, creamy, rich and filling!!

I also had a couple spoonfuls of my latest nut butter:

Honey Nut Super chunky Peanut Butter… Yummy! Actually, it’s too chunky to be creamy, so I need to process it a little more. It contained honey, peanuts (I shelled!), salt and a wee bit of oil. Good stuff.

So I had to babysit until 4:30 on Monday, because Miss Deana got called in to work. We had fun despite my limitations J

After Babysitting, I headed to the Y for a workout

The Workout

I did 45 minutes on the arm bike, .77 miles!! Woo hoo new arm bike PR! Hahaaha I’m such a dork… actually it felt pretty good today.

I did abs, legs, butt and pushups/ runners crunches… and arm lifts, but skipped shoulders because it was almost 7:30

I came home to this for dinner:

MEAT! Haha I haven’t been able to stomach meat in a while, but this Bison medallion was super rare and delicious. The green beans were fresh, the baguette was just-baked, and the portabella was garlicky and grilled. My dad put on quite the spread. Muchas Gracias, Mi Padre!!

The ice-cream of the night was:

Chocolate Chip! I actually took coconut milk yogurt and froze it into cubes in an ice tray. This took 3 cubes, ½ a banana, and 16 chocolate chips. Num num num!

I read for most of the night and then whipped up my parents some pasta salad for lunches…

  • Penne (whole grain)
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Red peppers
  • Capers
  • Torn spinach (quickly blanched)
  • Lemon juice
  • Marcela wine
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Black pepper, Parsley, Basil and Oregano
  • About ¼ cup toasted pine nuts
  • A squish of Dijon
  • Topped with parmesan cheese!

They loved it… I have to say it came out quite good.

This morning, my breakfast was ehh. No pic… it was ugly and my camera sucks anyway. I had Oat bran with rhubarb and cinnamon, some vanilla pudding mixed with jay Robb vanilla protein, whisked in topped with PB and more vanilla pudding. The verdict: Jay Robb Egg White will never belong in a hot product. PERIOD. Unless it’s oozing out of a PB&Jay, there is no reason to get it warm. Because it will suck.

I went to work… It was very slow today so the day dragged on (Price Chopper) and when I got out I did some shopping. I picked up

  • Arugula
  • Strawberries (a ton! Dirt cheap, too!)
  • Peaches (also dirt cheap!)
  • Garlic
  • Avocados
  • Newman’s Flax and Honey cereal
  • Chocolate chips for Kristen’s cookies: take two!
  • A perch filet for my dinner
  • A pineapple for kabobs tomorrow

I had to go home to put the groceries away, and dine on my sushi!

My BFF who works at the sushi counter at Price Chopper made me a special roll request: Smoked salmon, seaweed salad, and brown rice. Holey Yum!!! This was DELICIOUS! She is such a sweetheart, and it was only $4! I love my buddies at Chopper! I had a breakfast cookie too… I was starving! After I had to pick up a book at the library for Joe (which wasn’t there…).

I headed to the Y for a workout. When I got up to the cardio room I found someone on the arm bike. My first reaction was: What? Someone else is crazy enough to use an arm bike?! The man had a wheelchair next to him, but he wasn’t pedaling. I scooted by to go to the bathroom and realized he was sleeping!! That’s right folks… this thing is boring! Haha, you need a strong mind to stay focused on an arm bike… I don’t blame him at all! I let him catch his Z’s while I went and did strength.

The Workout

I did Abs, Legs (this involved leg lifts 2 ways, laying down 3 sets 40, and sitting up, 3 sets 30… with ankle weights. The black ones?) then glute with ankle weight and 5 lb free weight… shoulders and then pushups and runner’s crunches. After I wandered back to the cardio room…

Sleeping man had woken up and went on to more exciting things, so I cranked out 30 minutes on the bike, .5 miles. Pretty average.

After, I stopped at the Green Grocer… AKA my favorite store… for some hemp milk. Of course I couldn’t JUST buy hemp milk! I grabbed:

  • 2 unsweetened vanilla hemp milks
  • A big bag of Kamet Puffs (New!)
  • A big bag of Millet Puffs (Newer!)
  • Clearance Bananas
  • A Chocolate bar from a local chocolateer: It’s called smoke over chocolate or something like that… It has dark chocolate and smoked peanut butter. I tried a piece and it was great, but there wasn’t enough peanut butter in my opinion.

I also stole a dark chocolate almond cluster from the bulk bin because I’m an awful awful person! 😉

I also spotted some new things I will be perusing in the near future:

  • Chocolate Hemp Milk
  • Vegan Nutella
  • Soymilk Powder
  • Bulk spices
  • New teas
  • Garam Insala ? (Indian Simmer sauces)

I came home and had a delicious dinner:

A grilled perch filet on a whole wheat hoagie with peppers and onions. Yummy! Unfortunatly, the perch was overpowered because it’s such a mild fish… this might as well have been just a peppers and onion sandwich. Yummy? Yes. Propper? Nah.

Dessert was annother icecream creation… I tried to recreat “box of chocolates”, the dairy flavor in my freezer…

I used 3 coconut cubes, some frozen corn and frozen cherries, 2 tbsp jay robb chocolate, a little cocoa powder and sometofu creations chocolate. I froze it and then enjoyed in a sugar cone.

It actually wasn’t my favorite ice-cream… the past couple nights were better.

I was still hungry while I read so I munched on my favorite flavor Clif!

Okay, we’re all caught up with my really exciting life! Work, eat, workout, read, sleep. Sounds good to me, I don’t want to do anything with this cast on my leg. L

Tomorrow I have the same work schedule as today… I’ll work, then go to the gym, come home cook and bake. Maybe if I get a third job, the time with this stupid cast will pass even faster. Well goodnight!!

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