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A Miserable Cast on a Rainy Day, and a Benchmark

August 1, 2009

Yesterday morning I got up for work and made myself a bowl of oats.

I seriously hate my camera so much right now. I’m not sure what to do!! I really enjoyed this oatmeal and I’m embarassed to post a picture.

WTF! I made French toast oat bran with some pumpkin and coconut chai tea… then in a small non stick skillet with a little SB spray, I sautéed a small apple, sliced thin, and a banana cut into chunks. I cooked it as long as I cooked my oats and it came out HEAVANLY… the caramel on the bottom of the pan was to die for. I topped it with monkey boy peanut butter and the flavors all melded really nicely.

I hate you.

With breakfast, I had a protein smoothie with 2 tbsp vanilla Jay, some fresh strawberries, frozen cherries, and hemp milk.

The demon presents itself in each photo. L

I snacked on some chocolate and a breakfast cookie… work was awful. It was raining, and I mean raining! I sit outside (in the vestibule) so I was damp and freezing cold. My cast was wet on the inside and my ankle hurt and felt swollen. I was not a happy girl.

For lunch I had a simple sandwich in my truck:

It had a cold but cooked spicy black bean burger, Dijon mustard, sriachi, and arugula on a honey whole wheat bun.

When I was done working, I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I… I… Skipped the gym. What? Yes that’s right. I skipped the gym. L and did I come home and nap? NO! Because my wet icky itchy cast had me up and so restless. My dad finally came home and put me to bed in a freshly made bed and got me a fan. I finally fell asleep and woke up around 7:15. I had a granny smith before we left…

My daddy took me out to dinner… we went to Arizona Pizza, which is new in Clifton park. I had a red seafood personal pizza without cheese. It was good, not great… it reinforced my dislike of chains, but the service was AWESOME! Our waiter, Sergio was such a sweetheart! I loved him, and chatted with him the whole night. It was fun to be out with my Daddy too… he’s awesome. Another waiter came out to the car when my Daddy pulled up and opened the door for me and put my crutches in the back. Such sweet people!!

I had dark chocolate banana cream for dessert… one cube of frozen chocolate pudding, 2 frozen yogurt cubes, some cocoa and a couple banana cubes. Yummy!

This morning I wake up and decided to try something different… I made French toast oat bran, and then let it cool. I put hunks on a lightly greased baking dish and baked it at 400 for 10 minutes on each side…

They looked fried! They were crispy on the outside and silky on the inside… I like the idea! I’ll be trying some different variations of oat bran bites soon!!

I ate it like cereal with PB, hemp milk and strawberries.

Later I snacked on a breakfast cookie, a baby granny smith.

This morning was also a mile stone…

I applied to Clemson!!! Look, they want me! Haha I love Photoshop.

My mommy and I went shopping and I bought mi petite abuelita a birthday gift. I got her a faith CD, Ghirardelli Chocolate and a huge vase for her candle… I’ll tell the story of the candle some other time. J

I bought z-bars at Target and had one, then made a huge salad from farm-stand veggies!

  • A head of romaine
  • A whole peach
  • An ear of corn
  • ½ a huge tomato
  • Bbq sauce and hummus
  • A packet of tuna

It was good, and fresh… and huge!!!

For dinner I ate way too many triscuts and peanut butter… ut ohh yum. I had Monkey boy and Homemade Honey Nut… which was not creamy enough for my likening so I made the chunky PB into creamy PB.

I spent the afternoon researching food photography and hatching my latest business plan… and it’s a good idea!! I don’t know if I need a new camera, but if I do buy one, half of me wants a fun PAS and half wants an SLR (way more expensive!!)

Well I have to clean the kitchen and shower, and then make my parents some dessert… 😉

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