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Happy Birthday to my Petite Abuelita!

August 3, 2009

I get my cast off on August 10th, the day after my 17th birthday. I really don’t plan on doing much for my birthday…

  1. 17 is an insignificant year in my opinion
  2. I have a cast on my leg… there’s not much that appeals to me right now!
  3. I don’t really feel I deserve anything special. Not to be negative, but I have been selfish and inconsiderate… The world doesn’t owe me anything.


On the same token, I can’t believe I’m turning 17. My life right now is divided… I feel like a little girl going through the motions of the adult world. Work every day, go to the gym, pick up groceries, cook, apply for colleges, find scholarships, write essays, run errands… I always have something I should be doing and get very upset with myself when I neglect my duties.

On to the eats? This morning I had a concoction I began last night. I made plain French toast oat bran, but then stirred in 1/3 cp hemp milk and refrigerated it over night. In the morning, I added a scoop of PB2 and 2 tbsp Jay vanilla… Why so much PB2? I just kept adding it until I could taste it! Oops!

In a ‘Bucks mug. I had to work this morning, (short shift) and then came home for my Grandma’s birthday party! First I had lunch… and a snack!

I broiled 2 portabellas with spicy Dijon and some organic ketchup, along with a spicy black bean burger. I topped some arugula and baby spinach with my mom’s homemade marinara, capers, and black pepper and the chopped mushrooms and burger. This was the best salad I’ve eaten recently!

I had 4… and for a snack:

Breakfast cookie! I think dark chocolate rhubarb and pistachio is my best combination to date!

My petite abuelita arrived, bearing gifts:

GARLIC KNOTS! Oh my gosh these are my favorite! I had four, and then opted out of shrimp scampi for dinner because my belly was feeling a little off.

Ghirardelli chocolate, a Faith CD, a big vase for her candle, and some flowers! J

I had a really little piece of this cool whip “pie” my grandma brought (cool whip, lemon pudding mix and mandarin oranges? Gag. I mean mmm.) and a peach for dessert. I miss market shopping so much. I was so frustrated today, just picking up my basic things for the week. 7 more days. 7 more days.

This week I babysit Monday and Thursday, Work at price chopper Friday Saturday and Sunday. Sunday? Yes… I’m working on my birthday… 8 hours. 10:30 to 7. Like I’ve previously stated… I’m skipping it this year! J

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

So… due to the demonic nature of my lovely camera I have infact selected one that I think I would enjoy. Pics tomorrow!

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  1. redeemedbyblood permalink
    August 3, 2009 5:18 am

    how do you make breakfast cookies? i see a whole lot of them over your blogs. thanks ^^

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