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An Evil Orthopedist and an Altered Countdown

August 5, 2009

I have gone crazy. See above.

A letter came from the Orthopedist that my appointment is rescheduled. August 10th no more! It says we can choose Wednesday or Thursday. Well isn’t that curious!? FBOMB.

Are you serious? It’s two or three additional days, and yet I am so so so infuriated. I actually think its ridicules… Dr. Bowman can have his precious beach vacation and take off my cast at his leisure. He said 4 weeks and when another person put it on, they tried to convince me it was 6. He wouldn’t answer my questions, and NOW HE WONT EVEN TAKE THE G…D… THING OFF!

Maybe it wouldn’t be a huge deal if August 10th wasn’t the ONLY date I’ve looked forward to this summer.

This morning after breakfast, and bread… and another slice that I didn’t photograph… J I dropped Joe at a friend’s house and went to the gym.


The Workout

By the way, the girly workout image goes away as soon as my workouts are legit enough in my opinion. Meaning no arm bike.

Speaking of arm bike… today was 60 minutes, 1.02 miles. I’m on my way to arm biking a marathon. Or maybe a half… 10k? 5? Okay… I’ll settle for around the block.

Strength was Abs, leg lifts, butt curls (8 lb), shoulders x6 (6 lb), pushups, runners crunches… you know the deal.

Actually at the gym today, there was this guy about my age and all he did was lift like 2 weights and then flex in the mirrors. He flexed in every mirror, and even when he was walking he was staring at his flexing reflection… Haha I was tempted to push my knee scooter in front of him so he would trip… and just maybe break his leg! Haha can you tell I’m in a great mood right now?

Ooh, ahh… me nice and sweaty after the gym.

I made a stop at the CP PC (Clifton park price chopper!) and picked up Mahi Mahi, radicchio, tomatoes, a melon, peaches, NaSoya Chocolate pudding (’cause I’m addicted!) and Peanut butter Joby and Marty’s for Aunt Di.

I think she’ll like the Peanut butter flavor! Anyway, I got home and ate, then lay in the grass while I finished The Kite Runner. Such a great book!! I’m going to write a review of it momentarily…

This salad was great! It had:

  • Baby greens
  • ½ a peach
  • ½ an avocado
  • ½ head shredded radicchio
  • Some chipotle salsa lemon juice and miso
  • Broiled tofu cubes (that sounds appetizing, doesn’t it!?)

I ate the other half of the peach, and quickly reached for… you guessed it…

A breakfast cookie!

I had a mango while I made dinner… I marinated the mahi mahi in honey, powdered ginger, paprika, sesame oil, a minced red onion, garlic powder, and soy sauce. I just salted and peppered the radicchio, sliced a pineapple and shucked a bunch of corn. Dad threw everything on the grill (I can’t grill on crutches…)

Herbs are another thing that will come back into my life in 5 8 days. I grew a bunch this summer, but can’t get over to the garden to pick them. Grr.

Anyway, everything came out delicious… my parents didn’t like the bitter radicchio though. I enjoyed the bitterness J

For dessert I had a sliced apple with vanilla bean almond butter, chocolate pudding and a little PB2

Well I’m off to edit the college essay mi Madre disapproved of! Good night!

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