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August 6, 2009

I woke up and got some errands done this morning… My breakfast was absolutely delicious!



2 slices of Dakota bread

1 tbsp ficoco (I’ve been calling it figcoco and figcocoa… fail!!!)

2 tbsp TJ’s crunchy almond butter

½ granny smith, diced

½ over-ripe banana, mashed

I grilled the gooey sandwich and ate it in bliss. It unfortunately left me nauseated most of the morning. Maybe I need to cut back on my A.m. sweet tooth a little… no?

Haha get it? Sweet tooth…? Anyway….

I went to the gym for a workout…

The Workout

I did 60 minutes on the arm bike, exactly a mile.

After was strength:

  • Abs
  • Superman x 5 minutes
  • Leg lifts x40x3xeach side
  • Butt curls x30x3x8lbxeach side
  • Pull backs x20x3x8lbxeach side
  • Triceps x20x6lbxeach side
  • Shoulders x6x15x6lb
  • Pushups and runners crunches x30x3

At Aunt Di’s I had a salad with spinach, tomatoes, marinara, Chile sauce, corn, cucumbers and cashews. The triscuts were garden vegetable and I had 8… they’re really good!!

After I worked on my essay… MORE and hung out with Magster and Birthday Maggie.

I snacked on grapes and I found flat-out wraps at Aunt Di’s. I tried one with peanut butter, nuts (cashews, peanuts, and almonds), a mashed banana, and a few tortilla chips. (All rolled up!) I’m sure this high fiber, lower calorie wrap was never meant to hold such caloric ingredients!! 😉

It was good! Tortilla chips, nut butter, and banana go awesome together…try it!

I went swimming and then slept in the hot tub… Blue rubber thing worked this time! Horary! Uncle Ray came home and we perfected my resume and essay. My dad stopped by after checking on their latest remodeling project and we all chatted, and then headed home pretty late.

For dinner, I made use of what was around! In the freezer we had some diced salty potatoes, and a half ear of grilled corn on the cob. I sliced a carrot thinly and broiled it with the potatoes and some tofu; on the side I had wilted spinach and arugula with a tomato. The dippers were organic ketchup, Sriachi, and Dijon.

For dessert I processed 3 cubes of frozen chocolate pudding and a cube of coconut milk yogurt. I topped it with salted Blondie batter, (aka 1 tbsp Jay Vanilla, 1 tbsp vanilla pudding, a pinch of salt) blackberries, and jimmies!

My face is happy now. J

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