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A Surprise from the Girls, Smoothies for life, Fireworks, and Peanut butter!!

August 8, 2009

So yesterday, I woke up and decided it was a parfait kind of day…

My camera hates me.

I divided vanilla O’soy in half and in one half I mixed PB2, (2 tbsp?) and left half plain. I layered about a cup of Newman’s honey flax flakes, ¼ cup soy nuts, chocolate chips (lotsss!) blueberries, and sliced strawberries.

I grabbed a breakfast cookie before I left because my breakfast was so early and I thought I wouldn’t be eating until 3… wrong.

I went to babysitting and came in to a surprise!!!

VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE! Made by my beloved girlies!! J We blew out candles and had a slice around 11:00

I went to the Y to find another surprise… Smoothies for life had opened!!!

The Workout

60 minutes, 1 mile on the arm bike

  • Abs
  • Leg lifts
  • Pushups and runner’s crunches

After working out, I grabbed 4 smoothies from the new place. They are such sweethearts!! I got a soy banana blackberry… It was very thick, a little icy… I can’t give a true review because they had to omit the frozen yogurt from mine, but it wasn’t phenomenal. The novelty was more appealing.

I got Aunt Di and Maggie two fun flavors (banana berry and peachy mango?? And then got them a blackberry banana one like I had) I dropped them off and they were so thankful! J I felt good.


I came home and a package was on my porch!!!

I totally stole that from Google… I hear taps playing for my camera.

I was bouncing up and down off the walls excited!! They are so sweet and I’m so excited to review these flavors. I cracked open naturally more, original after lunch.

Lunch was an arugula salad with tofu, BBQ, Sriachi, lemon juice, and a tomato… plus some herbs.

Here was naturally more application number 2:

Application number 1 was obviously a spoon!! J I have to say that it is absolutely amazing, and the full review is going to be awesome. I’m waiting until I change my camera to do all out reviews so I can get some nicer pictures.

I read a little and then contacted Miss Jenna and decided we were going out to fireworks!! I read, got ready and had dinner:

Honey wheat bun, salmon mixed with Dijon and Sriachi, tomato, arugula and soy provolone

Fireworks were awesome and I had a monstrous Only 8 ice-cream with RAINBOW SPRINKLES!

It was a good, good day. J

Today, I woke up to a chilly morning. I decided an almost empty jar was about to meet some grains…

This was banana oat bran with blackberries… and OBVIOUSLY a piece of chocolate cake crumbled in! J hehe I’m digging the blackberry banana combination lately!

I went to the Y


The Workout

Arm bike: 50 minutes, .84 miles


  • Abs
  • Leg lifts
  • Glutei raises
  • Pull backs
  • Triceps (3 sets 15)
  • 6 shoulder workouts
  • Pushups and runners crunches

When I got back I had a sludge smoothie…

It looks unfortunate, but it was really good! It had frozen spinach, frozen banana, 2 cubes frozen pudding, scoop chocolate protein, a little cocoa, and vanilla hemp milk.

I went to work and as a snack had breakfast cookie:

And a small apple. I met my parents, Aunt Di, Mag, Ant, Joe, and Maggie P for Pizza at Jimmy’s. I ordered a toasty turkey sub, because I really wanted to like turkey again.


I almost gagged when I tried to eat it… (Very discreetly! I’m so embarrassed!) What is up with me? Why can I not eat poultry?? I pulled out all the turkey and asked for a side of marinara, and had a veggie sub with sauce to dip.

So my cast comes off in 4 days? I’m so excited… I can’t wait to see my leg again! In other news, I have been an internet-a-phoebe all my life (no MySpace, face books, etc…) but recently blogging has really put me out there. The lifestyle bloging is defiantly a summer fixture… and the intimate details are so ending. I’m defiantly continuing my blog, but I may focus solely on product reviews, recipes, and book reviews.

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