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A LONG Day, A Huge Parfait, And the Birthday Swag!

August 11, 2009

This parfait was good…It had so much food in it! Haha, that’s what I love about parfaits, you can fit tons of goodies and it still feels healthy!

-O’soy vanilla soy yogurt

-1 scoop chocolate Jay Robb

-1 tbsp cocoa powder

-1/4 cup pistachio lovers mixed nuts (planter’s)

-2/3 cup (about… Haha I really have no idea) Newman’s Honey flax flakes

-A thingy of raspberries… (I don’t know, what do raspberries come in… a ½ pint?)

-1 oz of soy nuts (crunchyyy!)

This could have been so pretty, had I been able to take a picture with a camera that doesn’t hate the world!!

I went to work… and it was… challenging. Um, let’s just say I was ready for tears when I got done. (Not so great)

I had a cherry pie LARA bar and, as a LARA bar enthusiast, I did not like this flavor. I don’t like cherry pie, so that poses a problem in itself but it defiantly was NOT a favorite.

I went to the Y forever, because I was so stressed out. I actually didn’t do much more than my regular workout, but I did a lot of stretching and “reflecting”… It felt good to be in the cool gym, all alone (nope, nobody ever goes at the time I do! Haha).

The Workout

-Arm bike: 60 minutes, 1.01 miles

-Abs, shoulders, triceps, pushups/ runner’s crunches, glute lifts, pull backs, stretching

When I got home I had a salad with tomatoes, arugula and spinach, salmon mixed with Sriachi, mustard and BBQ sauce, topped with some salsa and BBQ.

Some cookies… What kind of cookies you ask? Newman’s Own Organic, of course. Major swag ahead… brace yourself.

Gnu bars to reviews

2 pound of organic chocolate….

Mints and mini goodies…

Dried fruit of all varieties… Breakfast cookies? Lara Bars!? J

Hermits, organic Oreos.

Other miscellaneous things.

The Naturally More.

WOW. I am elated right now. Thank You: Naturally More, Gnu Bars and Naturally More. I am so so very excited to sample everything!!! My family is beyond excited, my mom already ripped into the milk chocolate.

Here are some Birthday goodies:

Woo Hoo! My family is so kind and I received so many awesome goodies…

Plus another shout out to: Sunshine Burgers, Odwalla, Bolthouse Farms, Maranatha, and Mary’s Gone Crackers for the awesome coupons. I seriously want to go buy it all now!!! Reviews of EVERYTHING to come. Very soon!!!

Disclaimer: I don’t photograph EVERYTHING I eat… usually just the things I want to remember how I made, or how they were. I’m not going to take a pic of 15 (?) triscuts with lunch or the box of Cereal I ate out of at my Aunts house for dessert. (Recees Puffs… hahaha Childhood is calling) My mother and I tallied what I ate in a day to be sure I was getting enough to gain, and I am (according to the nutritionist’s recommendations for calories). J Happy Eating!

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