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Gnu Cinnamon Raisin Bar

August 13, 2009


The variety of here. The ingredient list is once again on the short side and pretty comprehensive. Gnu bars seems endless, one for every nostalgic childhood memory. Peanut Butter brings me back to my kindergarten classroom filled with peanut butter cookies, while Banana Walnut reminds me of the bread I baked with my mother on cool fall days. I was hoping Cinnamon Raisin would take me to my grandma’s house, reaching into the cookie jar to find a raisin cookie.

No such luck. Though this flavor was good, it defiantly wasn’t great. The raisins don’t play a prominent enough role and are just “there”, along for the ride. There is a hint of cinnamon, but I found this variety slightly bland. Compared to the other Gnu bars I’ve tried, the Cinnamon Raisin has been my least favorite so far.

The nutrition is obviously fantastic, with just 130 calories packing in 12 grams of fiber (including 8 grams of soluble fiber). You can read my in depth nutrition analysis

Gnu High Fiber Blend™ (whole rolled oats, organic whole wheat flour, wheat bran, organic kamut, psyllium, flax, millet), chicory root inulin, fruit juices, rice dextrins, raisins, canola oil, apples, plums, rice, wheat protein isolate, vanilla, cinnamon, baking powder

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size:   1 bar (45g)


Amount Per Serving

Calories 130

Calories From
Fat 30


% Daily Value *
Total Fat 3g


  Saturated Fat 0g


  Trans Fat 0g


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 30mg


Total Carbohydrate 32g


  Dietary Fiber 12g


    Soluble Fiber 8g


    Insoluble Fiber 4g


   Sugars 11g  
   Other Carbohydrate 9g
Protein 3g  


Vitamin A 0% · Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6% · Iron 10%


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


I would buy these bars in a heartbeat, though I probably would avoid this flavor. It was good but didn’t have me begging for more.

Retail Price: $1.99 per bar




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