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Plates and Preparation

August 14, 2009

Today was quick… I babysat this morning and it went by fast, and they weren’t bad. Important notes:

This woman is evil. I’m not perfect, no I’m not. But I’ve got what I got. AHH! Get it out of my head!!! We do our very best each day, but we’re not perfect and you know I like it that way. KILL ME!

Easy Bake Ovens are a piece of … Are you kidding me? You want me to cook 3 cookies, one at a time in this thing with kids who have the attention span of grasshoppers?!

“Sweet treats”= DIAPER CHANGES. Not my ideal activity.


Other than the challenges we face 😉 I love them dearly!

I delivered cupcakes… It truly took me an hour to find these letters in the Newman’s Own Organic Alphabet Cookie bags. Which by the way are delicious and addicting!

My breakfast was delicious:

-Brownie batter

-Vanilla Hemp milk with 1 tbsp PB2

-1/2 a ‘cad

-About a cup of NOO honey flax flakes

-About a cup of Kamet puffs

-Tons of raspberries!

I talked to my coach for a while when I got back from work and it depressed me a little. I can’t wait for the AM to hear what my PT says. As far as physical therapists go- I’m going back to the ONLY girl I was improving with, Nicole. At Saratoga PT it was rediculas, I saw a different person every time! I didn’t really feel like they paid attention to the injury or what I told them. I want to stick to ONE person… even if that means hauling my butt to Troy or East Greenbush 3 times a week.

I ate a Peanut butter Gnu bar (YUM!)…I had to take my brother to an ortho appointment so that ate up the entire day, and he wouldn’t go to the Y with me, I did get some shopping done though!!


I bought a white dinner plate, salad plate, square small and square-ish larger plate… I bought black bamboo, red (Tuscan), Green (linen), natural bamboo, and white place mats. I also picked up a rich brown charger and a wood-looking charger. Food photography here I come!!

I came home starving and had a huge salad with grilled salmon, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved carrots and baby greens. The dressing was lemon, BBQ, miso mustard and Sriachi. Wisk and Yum!

I followed this with:

Oat-bran pretzels by Snyder’s of Hanover (A favorite of mine!) a small granny smith and Monkey Boy peanut butter. I had a million more pretzels and Peanut butter because I was still hungry, and decided to sample a ginger hermit…

I didn’t like. I never really liked that kind of cookie from a box though, so no one is at fault here.

For dinner, I had more of a gourmet dish. This refreshing plate contained

  • Zuccinini “noodles”
  • About 5 oz grilled salmon
  • Herbs
  • A sauce made from about ½ cup crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano and parsley, miso, soy sauce, crushed red pepper, and peanut butter

I’m actually disappointed in the sauce, it wasn’t what I imagined and I wouldn’t repeat it. It was GOOD, not GREAT.

I sampled a Newman’s Own Organic Champion Chip cookie (in the regular chocolate chip flavor, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Dessert was a sweet juicy plum, just what I was craving. Plums are the equivalent of giant grapes, and I love them so. I also loved plouts, I wonder if Price Chopper will carry them again anytime soon!?

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  1. Evan Thomas permalink
    August 15, 2009 1:08 am

    I love the Newman’s Hermits(I already had a box before newman’s sent 2 more). That’s more my style of cookie, as opposed to chocolate chip or anything else, though I did like the espresso chip cookies from Newmans

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