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Indian Yum, Exciting Packages, and Dissapointing News

August 15, 2009

Friday. What do I have to say about Friday? I woke up and within 20 minutes was at the physical therapist. No running for another month. What what?? Yup. L

On the way there I had a Banana Nut Gnu bar… let’s just say these things are AWESOME.

I went to the Y and was not feeling a workout. It took me forever to change and get upstairs, but once I finished abs and shoulders and successfully pumped out some squats I felt much better.

The Workout


-Shoulders (6 lb)

-3 sets 30 weighted squats

-60 minute pool run, hard 50 m. with 25 m. of recovery… felt GOOOD!

I was very hungry and didn’t get home until noon. I had an intense oat desire, and dispute the steamy outdoor temp, I had to satisfy it!

Why hello monkey boy, what do you contain?

Ohh. Oats. J
J These were banana bread French toast oats in the Saratoga Monkey Boy peanut butter jar, topped with some cinnamon and Newman’s Own Organic raisins… Hits the spot.

Would anyone like a French toast banana bread oat tutorial?

Boil a cup of water and throw in a tea bag. I used vanilla chai

Add 1/3 cup oat bran. Sometimes I toast it first, for the best roasty toasty oats ever!!

Wisk and cook until thick and bubbley (about 3 minutes…)

Remove the teabag and add…

1/3 a cup of egg white! Wisk vigorously for a minute over medium heat to keep it from scrambling, and then just let it chill on the heat, whisking every now and again.

Add your cinnamon and salt (pinch) if desired, dried fruit, mashed banana or pumpkin at this point and wisk in.

To make banana bread, I sometimes add a little maple extract, then wisk in about ½ cup of microwave way over ripe bananas until they look melty and bubbly.

When adding berries, I just top the oats off. I don’t like my berries cooked.

Leave the oats on the stove as long as you’d like… the longer you wait the thicker they get. It depends on my mood, sometimes I want rich thick oats and sometimes I’m too impatient.


There you have it: French toast oats down to a science. And a not about Saratoga Peanut Butter Company: I emailed them and asked them if they were hiring. ‘Tis my dream job… sigh.

When I got home and finished eating, I worked on a lot of product reviews and read for a long time.

My brother and I sampled the Newman’s Own Organic Oreos. We both loved them… better than Oreos FOR SURE!

Two packages arrived with immediate importance… J

LARA bars! Raw Revolution Bars! Horary!!!!

When I got hungry I wanted to sample the Raw revolution package… I reached in and pulled out:

Okay, I’ll roll with it… I actually loved this raspberry and chocolate bar. Full review coming soon!

And fruit of course!

Much later, Miss Moriah and I went to Zaika, an Indian restaurant I’ve been dying to try!

Ze Papadam…

Hahaha we got a kick out of the description for Kadai chicken… “cooked in a ‘c’ shaped cooking apparatus” J Hahaha

Moriah and I split the Shrimp Palak: Spinach and shrimp cooked with Indian spices and herbs…

With Tandoori Chapatti: Whole wheat bread cooked in a clay oven… are they going to tell us what everything was cooked in? Imagine my restaurant:

Oat bran: cooked in a one quart sauce pan over medium heat in a hot kitchen in the summer

Broiled Potatoes: Coked under a heating element surpassing 500 degrees, commonly known as a “broiler”

Anyway the food!

Best bread EVER. YUM!

The view… how nice!

My date! 😉 Haha so the waiter was a total cutie and hung out at our table like the whole time. We conversed and when he gave us our check, he gave us his number and said we should hang out sometime… Mo and I were DYING! J It was so much fun.

We ventured over to the cinema to watch… District 9? WTF? I heard it was really good so I convinced Moriah to come see a bloody alien movie with me. Not good.

Why does everyone love it?? I seriously did not enjoy this movie AT ALL… And I don’t mind gore or suspense.. just the whole shaky camera vertigo thing, with exploding people every two seconds didn’t excite me. Haha everyone walked out of the theater excited, while Moriah and I were looking at each other like “what were we thinking??”

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  1. Evan Thomas permalink
    August 15, 2009 11:50 pm

    I want to try the Saratoga Adirondack Jack so badly. Maybe next time I’m around NY I’ll find somewhere that sells it

    • ohhmay permalink
      August 16, 2009 1:19 am

      Me too!! I haven’t seen it in stores yet and the shipping is so expensive… If I find it I’ll let you know where because I’m dying to sample this one!! 🙂


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