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Cinnamon Roll LARA Bar

August 17, 2009

Warm, gooey and fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls can be a treat to any palette. Often with plump raisins and an intoxicating yeast-y flavor, these pastries are as addicting as they are plentiful. Enter any rest stop along I-95 and you will find a Cinnabon, ready to serve you a $5, 600 calorie bomb filled with artificial ingredients, preservatives, saturated fats and cholesterol. Fortunately, as the tides turn, more and more convenience stores are offering healthy alternatives such as whole food bars.

LARA bars are becoming widely popular and sweeping the globe with their pure ingredients, simple packaging, and rich taste. Made with just dried fruits, nuts and spices, these are a nutritious component of a meal or filling snack.

The trendy and appealing packaging of LARA Bars offers a glimpse of what is inside. When I opened the Cinnamon Roll variety, the first thing I noted was the aroma. Instead of smelling like a cinnamon roll, it smelled more like dried fruit. I was prepared to be disappointed, but with a taste I realized how wrong I was.

The texture was nutty and smooth with a little chew. It doesn’t fall apart or crumble, making it a true “on-the-go” snack. The bar was slightly sticky and a little greasy, something I’ve noticed with most fruit and nut bars. The taste was delicious and I would for sure buy it again. I could taste the raisins and the cinnamon gave it a sweet and warm feel. It actually does come close to the taste of a sticky bun, which I was very impressed with.

The nutrition and ingredients are pretty stellar:

Containing dates, walnuts, raisins, almonds, cashews and cinnamon, this sweet alternative contains 8% of your daily iron, 4.6 grams of Omega 6 fats and plenty of fiber. Though pure and healthy, it is also loaded with sugars and is high in calories for its size. Gram for gram, LARA Bars contain more calories than many energy bars that contain grains. With 4.1 calories per gram, it is comparable to Raw Revolution Bars (with 4.2 calories per gram). For comparison’s sake, Clif Bars contain 3.3 calories per gram.

These retail at about $1.40 at my local supermarket. Wholesome and delicious, Cinnamon Roll LARA Bars will be a fixture on my grocery list!





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