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So Much to Catch up on, and the Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had

August 20, 2009

I made it myself too! 😛

I’ve been eating such goodies the past couple days, I can’t believe I haven’t shared in a while… lets begin with Tuesday:

The morning began delectably, with a perfect bowl of French toast oats.

This contained:

  • A peach
  • Earl Gray black tea
  • Newman’s Own Organic dried cranberries
  • Oat bran and egg white
  • Cinnamon and ginger
  • Topped with Adirondack jack:

Yum. The Adirondack Jack was just. So. Perfect. On my oats, and paired great with the peaches! The ginger and cinnamon complemented each other and the whole bowl was yummy in my mouth!

My mom and I took Mag Pie to Saratoga Beads and I made some beautiful earrings… pictures of the jewelry to come!

Vivid colors on a beautiful day…

She’s so cute J

I had a wrap for lunch before grocery shopping:

I tried the Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Feish and Weiser sauce, and I loved it on this wrap. It also included bell peppers, baby lettuces, and bbq tempeh. The wrap was obviously rye! 😉

I really liked the Raspberry chipotle finishing sauce, and I bought some swai filets for dinner one night this week and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be marinated in this sauce! It’s very sweet, but has a Smokey kick! Yum! I think it would pair greatly with a mild white flesh fish.

I had a homemade pear walnut bar for a snack and dinner was pesto burgers on honey oat buns:

I actually ate 1% of the burger… Haha, I cannot eat meat! I almost gagged… but the pesto, bun and shallots paired fantastic! J

I had the best sundae ever for dessert but failed to have my camera down stairs, so anonymous it will remain.


My brain wasn’t working this morning, hence the unappealing photo of…

Bulgur Wheat! What does she eat? BULGAR WHEAT! What did she eat BULGAR WHEAT!

This stuff has 10 grams of protein per ¼ cup serving! So much potential!

I soaked it overnight and it absorbed about 3x the water (1/4 c. became 1 c.)… In the morning I mixed my bulgur with ½ a soy yogurt ½ a mashed banana and blueberries. Plus cinnamon and almond butter! Horary~

I want to try it cooked tomorrow maybe… The dilemma is it takes 15 minute to cook, vs. 2 with oat bran!

I went to XC practice and handed out my Nutrition for Runner’s Guide, which I’ll post later. At about 9:30 I headed to the gym for a workout.

Confession: I dragged myself to the gym. Cross practice depresses me so much, all I want to do is go back home and sleep. I mean come on; I’m waking up at 6:30 to attend a 2 hour practice that I can’t participate in. ADDITIONALLY, I am filled with envy when I see my buddies doing hill repeats or a 2.5 loop; I just crave it so bad. It should motivate my workout, but lately I’ve been feeling so bummed at the gym just because I see no hope for ever running again. I know there’s hope. But I can’t see it right now!!! Where are you hope??!!

The Workout

20 minutes on the armbike, .33 miles.

Abs, quads, glutes

I rushed through strength to get in the pool. I was ready to swim; I just wanted that gliding feeling…

The swim: 5.2 minutes. WHY? Some little kid… went… in the pool… as in number 2. BLAHHHHH!!! They cleared out the pool for “at least a couple hours” and I was very angry my workout was cut extremely short. (I took a loooong shower)


After I went to the library to fill the time I wasn’t swimming in a relaxing pool! I got out some awesome photography, Photoshop, and cookbooks… Plus Red and Me, because I love Red Aurbach!

I came home to a big lunch…

This was a salad, and for the dressing I made vinaigrette with my new Guac Starter from Feish and Weiser! It actually worked wonderfully, it had a nice spice to it and the tomatillos and vinegar provided the perfect acidity! Along with lunch I had 2 slices of new high fiber bread.

After lunch I had a square of Newman’s Own Organic Espresso Dark Chocolate. I have one word for this chocolate: SMOOTH. It really formed a layer of cream in my mouth and dissolved into the perfect chocolate experience. There was no trace of graininess in the chocolate, though the espresso added a little texture variation and the further deepened the flavor.

On the route to Sephora and Macy’s I tried a Cocoa mole LARA bar… Yum!

Confession: I’ve never had spice and chocolate together. I’ve always been afraid that chili or cinnamon will ruin the chocolate experience for me. This Lara bar was not only delicious but had a perfect amount of heat. It was great for when you’re craving something different, and the heat cuts some of the sweetness the date base typically gives Larabars. Overall: 2 yums up.

Macy’s was awful. My mental state was just about as bad as my ankles. I tried on some pants and I hate how everything fits me. I was mostly depressed because I noticed I was losing my runner’s shape… especially my legs. I haven’t been able to work my legs in so long… L By the way, I reached my short term goal weight! J I’ve been gaining, and I’m super happy about the weight- just bummed about the muscle loss in my piernas. Sephora was great, I replenished my Bare Minerals and then my mom and I hit Sallys and got me hair extensions for my senior picture. Ummm… her idea.

Dinner. Was. Epic. I think it deserves its own post, but I can give you a teaser:


I can truthfully say this was the best pizza I’ve ever had, and that’s not something I kid around with!

Dessert was in order…

This had a frozen banana, cocoa powder, a little Nasoya chocolate pudding, and 2 Newman’s own organic Double chocolate Oreos! Amazing… J The ultimate chocolate cookies and cream.

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