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Cocoa Mole LARA Bar

August 22, 2009

I have a confession to make. I’ve never tried spicy chocolate. With all of the trendy gourmet products I’ve sampled, and the chocolate that I’ve consumed, none of it has been spicy. The flavor combination has always perplexed me, and I’ve been reluctant in fear the cinnamon or chili will overpower the chocolate flavor.

The scent from this LARA Bar gives a hint of cinnamon, but smells like most other LARA flavors. The first taste was distinctively “cocoa”, not “chocolate”, but the layers kept on coming. After the robust cocoa hits you, the cinnamon flavor builds behind it as a backup player. Very slowly, the chili comes through leaving an interesting and addicting heat. The chili really enhanced the cocoa flavor in my opinion, but I’m not sure if I could have done without the cinnamon.

This bar was tidy, compact, and had a perfect texture.

LARA Bars always give me a boost of energy, and this one was no different. I wouldn’t buy it every time but it was a different and unique treat.




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